1. Skyrider

    Free copy of Killing Floor

    I'm giving away a free copy of Killing Floor. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Just reply in this thread and I'll randomize the names to see who is the lucky winner...
  2. Viper

    The Zombie killing object thread!

    With the whole Dead Rising 2 craze, I've found this image on the interwebs. And LCD display. I guess I could just beat them on the head with it and do some decent damage.
  3. Deathshot

    Killing in the Nappof Oh man. A lot of people here will go crazy for this.
  4. elcor

    free weekend Killing Floor

    Free Weekend on Now! Play the full game for FREE including the All-New "Level Up" Content Pack that contains 3 Maps, 7 Weapons, 20+ Steam Achievements and More! Must have Steam installed. Play now and enjoy all the new content! i am downloading now,i want play this game ,who is going to...
  5. Gama

    Sick thugs film cat killing

    this is my sister who lives up liverpool we brough her a cat 5 years ago for Christina and we found out 2 days ago that it was killed by some ******s who let their pitball rip it to bits and filmed the whole thing while laughting, this upsets me to see how sick some people are in this world the...
  6. F

    Trans Killing

    For Transkilling 1. do you think a person should be invincible while transing 2. Do you think a person transing should be able to be meleed 3. Leave it the way it is 4. I don't really care what they do.
  7. darknavigator

    How to solve Trans Killing problem (not invulnerability)

    Well Ive been looking at some posts and I notice most people dont like trans killing. I suggest that the first 5 (2-3?) seconds of transforming, you are completely vulnerable to anything, and AFTER the 5 seconds, you can finish transforming with invulnerability. Any thoughts?
  8. S

    One's own blasts killing oneself

    All too often I find myself killing myself when the range of my Big Bang just so happens to include me in it, or my blue attack hits someone swooping at me too close. Since getting hit with a blue attack causes the one hit to stop swooping and plummet, effectively ruining their pace, I like...
  9. T

    Trans killing....

    Alot of servers have a thing against trans killing, my debate against that is if they don't want to get trans killed they should reach perfect transformation level. Why have perfect transformation level if it's nearly impossible to reach? I know the admin has the right to kick and ban...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    ai yori aoshi is killing me

    this anime is funny and totally addicting but yet, so very depressing. once u get finish the first season u r like "wow, im so never ganna find a chick like that" , and chances r u wont. because anime chicks are made to be perfect and god damn ive never seen a more perfect example of what a...
  11. U

    my new majiin vegeta

    new majin vegeta by me ill be released soon for 1.1 :devgrin:
  12. Final Vegeta

    Idea for killing a person with a beam

    No this is not one of those things that if you get hit by a beam that he must fade away modocule by modocule! My idea whuz, just like you get a hit offa disc, you go into pieces and the beam doesnt explode but just goed through the person and after going through the person it just seizes to...
  13. B

    Freezer saga goku

    Look at my first pic What you mean
  14. S

    A questios that is killing me

    In Half-Life series (except CS and some mods), WHO THE HELL IS THAT G-MAN. That guy in the train with blue suit carrying a briefcase. WHO THE HELL IS HE?
  15. Bangoth

    The wait is killing me!!

    Im probly gonna get more flames then in hell but i was wondering can you update the list where it showed the status of every thing plz that relive alot of tention sorry to bother you...
  16. T

    Mystic Gohan

    Well i downloaded azn his mystic gohan (battle damaged). And the model is really awesome and the skin also. But it's different from the show. I fixed it. :) It's now more reddish like in the series.
  17. D

    hmm crazy thought

    i thought about making a huge ozaru model ex vegeta from sayjiin saga and ass ozaru hhm it could be giant with a tail reply if it is a good idea.
  18. gandalf

    suspence is killing me!!!

    I am going to flunk this schoolyear because of the beta!!! NICE, I realy hope its that good! goddamn I love dbz
  19. Seph`

    Killing Players

    Hey, I was wondering if In the Beta there is going to be like death motions instead of boom, hit the ground, die. like when u get killed in 1 hit from a blast you like deteriorate into nothing. and u can be stuck on a weak beam and while movin lose health? This would make lessen the strain on...