1. M


    here's my kakashi model,any crits?
  2. A

    Kakashi Sig

  3. A

    Kakashi Siggy

  4. JTR

    New Kakashi Sig

    What do you think??? C&C plz.. And maybe X/10... Thx EDIT: And a matching Avatar... Crit this one to plz...
  5. Suh Dude

    Itachi and Kakashi Sigs.

    I made these for fun. Practing for the tournament! :D So, watcha think?
  6. Enix

    Kakashi Recreation [WIP]

    I started this today, its not done as you can see. Its just another one of my recreations of an anime screen. What i need is some suggestions. There is some shading that isnt done yet. And you can probaly notice a bunch of little cutting errors, cause its still not done so there isnt a...
  7. S

    Kakashi siggehs...

    Made a few sigs lastnight and today i have 2 more versions of them so if anyone wants to see them just ask :rolleyes: Crits & Comments pls :)
  8. broli


    I present you hatake kakashi
  9. S

    Kakashi wallpaper

    yep...C&C Welcome
  10. I

    Naruto: Hatake Kakashi

  11. E

    wow this guy really likes kakashi...

  12. Enix

    Kakashi's Puppah [wip]

    dont know his name but he is still cool :)his mouth is fully animatable, and hes at 994 polys, heres my wip:
  13. Enix

    Kakashi's Sharingan

    Hehe, i really wanted to make some more naruto stuff but i wanted to try realism for a min, so i said why not kakashi's sharingan. Its all made from scratch, And feel free to use it if you want just give creditz:D
  14. S

    ** Kakashi ** [WIP]

    The Sakura failed, i dont feel like doing her anymore. So i tought Kakashi would do the trick :P I kinda went for the manga Heronimett kinda hair since i like that more. here ya go. I'm trying to stay under 2500, i dont think its gonna work cause of the hair though :P And i really...
  15. EviLCHiMP

    Kakashi [WIP]

    Working on a Kakashi model. :D ::Edit:: Updates!
  16. Enix

    Anbu Kakashi, matching sig and avatar

    well im going to keep this on for a while. its mostly made up of fan art but i added a border and text and text effect. like i said im going to do alot more simple sigs, but i really like this one, check it out:
  17. Enix

    Chibi kakashi sig!!!!

    i finally got episode 72 and they show a little clip with chibi kakashi in it. well i thought he looked sweet so i made a sig out of it:
  18. Enix

    animated kakashi sig

    as you may know i have been experimenting with animation and 1/3 of my experiments got good feedback. so i really like kakashi so i made an animated one, i took a while to figure out how to do this and it was hard as hell so please tell me what you think:
  19. D


    well this is a little thing ive been working off and on for awhile and lately ive wanted to finish it so i worked more and got almost the whole thing done in like the past 2 days
  20. I

    simple kakashi drawing

    bah who cares for explanations here is the pic simple... as said before i might add shading later.