1. Zabuza2k

    Kakashi Sensei

  2. vinay87

    (Spoilers)What ever happened to Kakashi Gaiden?

    I thought it was gonna be showed on the anime as well.... But it seems to be completely skipped. Anyone know if it might become Shippu Movie 01? EDIT: Stupid typos.
  3. M


  4. C

    Kakashi WIP

    If I could make some pretty renders for u guys i would XD Ill try to get some better pics up later. Well, anyway im still tweaking the hair, its a little to straight up, im trying to make it go more the right. Didnt color the polys for his mask cause i got lazy.. Just started...
  5. M

    Naruto & Kakashi

  6. Ka1s3r_x

    kakashi :D

    cnc guys :P
  7. webber

    Kakashi W.I.P.

    I deleted the other thread couse it had to many large pics in it, plus the boo-boo that i made at first. Now it's done, finished, finido, caput. I've tried skinning it, but i still have much to learn on that, so if someone with some free time could try and make the skin i would...
  8. Robo_Killa

    Kakashi W.I.P. x.x

    well i made a kakashi model a while back now im skinning him(the best i can), well heres wat i got. c&c i think o_O
  9. Enix

    Kakashi WIP [ressurected]

    So yea...I started a kakashi model awhile ago in the style of my 16 year old naruto. So I decided it's about time I blow the dust off this model and finish it up, which I hope to do by monday. I originally had most of the head skinned, I like it , but I will reskin it anyway. Here is where I am...
  10. Enix

    Kakashi WIP

    Started skinnin my kakashi model, the one I showed in the simple render thread: very early into it atm..
  11. N

    Kakashi (WIP)

    Wieframes and Stuff later on. Still need to add some things and detail it. Here it is.
  12. PiXel

    Young Kakashi

    Yeh <_< .... i somehow modeled a anime model... lol I just wanted to model something and i searched for some amazing character... but badly i havnt found any of em ;( then i saw the ref. of davidskiwans young kakashi :) so i decided to model it. Might the air is wrong but its my 3d try...
  13. ReCkOninG of FirE


    Hehe Sorry the eye is scrweed in the closeup render, its cuz of the skylight and smoothing grooups, no the model =P Ill change teh folds on teh arms, i dunt like em
  14. Mr. Phonso


    Kakashi pwns and he is bad ass so i modeled him
  15. M

    Kakashi LSW style.

    Well, doing some hard work on this baby i finaly did it, hes LSW style. Im realy thxful if i get some good C&C thx.. Kick,Punch more jutsus coming soon... later!
  16. A

    Young Kakashi sig DX

  17. Enix

    Young Kakashi [WIP]

    Finally the forums are back up :D. I started this model like 2 weeks ago or so and I just started skinning it a few days ago. Just takin baby steps atm. Heres what i got so far: The body is done, but im not showin that till i start skinnin it :D.
  18. D

    [Manga][Possible Spoilers!] The Truth behind Kakashi's Sharingan

    They finally revealed it, how Kakashi acquired his Sharingan. I already suspected it ever since the discussions on how Kakashi got his Sharingan, but I am quite statisfied with the way he gets his Sharingan, it was a sad moment though :( Kakashi Gaiden was an excellent filler, but I am...
  19. A

    Nother Kakashi Sig

  20. A

    Kakashi Sig

    C&C? I'm not sure what color to use =/ This is for Zombie Panic! Forum's