1. Darth Revan

    Instant Transsmission / server jump

    Its an idea that's been in my head for some time now what if you made an instant transmission to another server my idea came from a from a friend who is making a stargate mod what it is that on his SGmod the 9th chevron will trigger a server change. My idea is incorparate that in to...
  2. L

    beam jump+melee=crash

    saw that bug reported on 1.3 bu its happening with me on 1.2 =/ any way to fix this? (btw i have only noticed this when im the server)
  3. wheres_

    Jump ultimate stars

    Best DS game out as far as im concerned. It's basicly smash bros with shonen jump manga characters for those who don't know. Who's got it / what do you think?
  4. Tenzo

    goku's wall jump animation

    i'm not realy sure about this but at goku,from every side you try to walljump, it has only 1 animation. please comment!
  5. veqeta

    Beam Jump Glitche Dem. Included for your viewing pleasure :P

    Well i'm not sure if it's been reported or not, i'm too lazy to read through the archive. well this is the deal, when you beam jump next to someone they die before the head explodes. http://rapidshare.com/files/16857871/michael.dem.html
  6. S

    Beam jump

    Imo the new beam jump speed isnt too great, I prefered the old one, however, I always disliked there was just no limit to how far you traveled with it. Imo beamjump should work like the following: 1) charge beam to desired point 2) shoot into surface holding jump 3) propels you away...
  7. john_volkov

    Super Jump

    well i think it will be beter if we have 2 jumps normal jump pres space super jump pres space and keep presing space it will drain sone ki but you will jump and go fast in air (can be use to escape some strong beam's)
  8. Grega

    PS and jump suggestion

    OK first the PS. Now i know that 1.3 will have its own PS system but this idea aint directly about the PS itself. Lets be honest. A PS dosent happen unless you are strong enough to struggle a kame with a genbeam or 2 people agree on doing it. And i dont see that changing for 1.3 So my idea...
  9. G

    World Jump Day

    I'm sure many of you have heard of it. I'm not allowed to advertise so I won't post a link. However, do you think it's possible? Basically, what they predict is that if 600,000 people all jump at the same time, the word will get pulled into a better orbit and all of our lives and stuff becomes...
  10. $sj Goku

    Balance Beam Jump Fix [and ground melee]

    Ok the way the beam jump is now :/ its just too cheap you can get away way to easily..(very unbalanced) How i think it should be for 1.3 -You must hold Jump before beaming to engage the beam jump. If you let go of jump before it touches the ground the beam breaks -AFter holding jump and...
  11. S

    Jump System

    My suggestion is for the jump system. I'm thinking a good change would be jumping backwards. When you jump backwards, you only jump half as high. But you move back twice as far. This could be very useful for dodging beams, ki-blobls, and maybe even melee.
  12. Suh Dude

    Mr. Jump?

    I got bored so I looked at some of Shonen Jump manga's and took some parts of it and put it into one person. :O This includes Yu-Gi-Ho, w/e, DBZ, Narutard, and that one chinese manga game with the checkard boards. :O Use it for the current modeling compeition w/e. Just give me credit ;O...
  13. TRSS

    Modeling Competition 5 - model your own Shonen Jump character (12/27/05 - 1/27/06)

    *~* MODEL COMPETITION 5 --- MODEL YOUR OWN SHONEN JUMP CHARACTER *~* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to make a character based off of your favorite Shonen Jump anime? Well nows your chance, you could show...
  14. -Blaze-

    Jump to esf 1.4

    :p I think it's to late to ask it for 1.3, but will esf team can make cel-shaded models? :idea: Super Vegetto's awesome models gave me this idea. O_O I hope this is possible for hl engine. :yes:
  15. solidus

    Jump Superstars

    Just stumbled across it, wondered if anyone had heard anything about it? http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/ajsj/index.html http://www.jeux-france.com/images1_4_10744.html 150 characters from 27 different Shonen Jump anime, supposedly smash bros style gameplay for the DS. Including Naruto...
  16. Raven

    PLUGINS: Kaioken Effect, Explosions, Bounce, Jump Dust

    Plugins! 1. Kaioken Effect 2. Explosions 3. Bounce 4. Jump Dust 5. Impact Dust 6. Coming Soon ( Water Impact Splash ) - 1. Kaioken Effect This provides you with a cool Kaioken Attack Effect for the Character Goku. To use the Kaioken Effect make you you are Goku and non...
  17. D

    knock back to wall jump

    got it from watching the fight with pikkon when you get hit from any length, as long as your still flying backwards youll still knockback into a wall, and hang there for a second right? lets say your at half the maximum distance a knockback will allow being hit at the wall, in reality you...
  18. |Overlord|

    Wall jump idea

    heck ,i suggested this some time back , when a lot of ppl hated my ass , anywho , i shall resuggest it here ok , my idea is this if you are near a wall and doing a wall jump off it , that if you swooped or pushed of the wall , you enter a swoop (i'm not sayying to completley replace wall...
  19. |Overlord|

    wall jump speed boost idea

    ok , i suggested this back in the time , of my , i don't know how to put this "insanement flamement" no one listened to it ,so maybe i may suggest it now my idea is , if ur doing a wall jump and press fire ,it could then bring up a bar and then you charge it for speed boost ,the longer it's...
  20. imkongkong

    ceiling jump

    my idea involves using bfp's flight system where you can make 360 degree turns while flying. so if this was implemented, being able to jump off the ceiling