1. G

    Wall jump swoop+ speed increase

    ok , my idea is this if you are near a wall and doing a wall jump off it , that if you swooped or pushed of the wall , you enter a swoop (i'm not sayying to completley replace wall jump with this idea) you could gain a little bit of extra speed on that swoop (let's say about 20 , this could...
  2. RavenTrunks

    Swoop Jump Remove.

    If your not sure what i mean by "Swoop jump", Ill explain it. OK you know when you swoop in the air then cancel it and press fly you freefall at the speed of swoop, then right as you hit the ground you jump, keeping that speed till you hit a wall or end up on the other side. My suggestion...
  3. G

    jump shurge up and goten and little trunks as one character

    1) i was thinking mybe you can do a churge for jumping like a beam with no limit (yellow line) then after you charge, lets say half way you swap up wards and basic meele evryone you touch and if some one shoots a beam at you then its like a powere struggle only you are the "beam", the charge...
  4. Serius

    Wall Jump

    Hello Everybody.. I want to ask something... Sometimes when i trying to do a wall jump it looks like the game is stuck for a second and then the character jumps realy high... My questions - it is a bug or something? how can i do jump like this on purpose? ( if i...
  5. C

    Map JUMP!

    o_o ok so i have Esf SORTED! it works and everythang and then all of a sudden im on the recieving end of a melee attack then both me and attacker dissapear and the map starts jumping up and down! :shocked: and when i do a melee attack on sum1 else i turn invisible but i can see them be...
  6. M

    Evil Buu Beam jump anim

    As i was making my Buu balls, i noticed that Evil Buu's beamjump anim was wrong, it looked like an idle anim, so i made one and had the fix in my pack, but the ESF team should fix it and make a real beam jump anim for Evil Buu.
  7. S

    Triple Wall Jump?

    On esf_ToM, i was wall jumping and i did not release jump, it just repeated the jump animation like 3 times, then i flew away.
  8. Vejimaru

    Who reads Shonen Jump?

    Okay. Who here reads Shonen Jump? If you do, post ur favorite manga. Mines Naruto :cool:
  9. Skyrider

    Small (beam jump bug)

    Not really a BIG bug.. but when you fire a beam and you use beamjump and the beam explodes, you see no damage on the ground/walls. If bug already said, Sry then.
  10. Delusional

    About The Wall Jump

    If Ur Thrown Do U Hit The Wall And Press Jump To Like Zoom back into them really fast or just like hop off to the ground?
  11. GundamSeph

    Beam Jump anti block

    I found this out last night when my friend was testing out the beam jump in my server, he made the point clear that if you do a beam up off somebodys face, its unblockable, and it gives you time to get distance to detonate it.
  12. S

    new vegeta edit! (freazer sga)

    well i did this for 1.0 at first and converted it along with the rest of my edits ^_^ any way credits to brollman for the saiyan armerd vegeta turks and mastasurf for the vegeta model/skin any way said tomuch here is some nice piccys for ya^_^ also i got bored and made an ssj with...
  13. Quicksilver

    Long Jump

    i meen thad thad the players for sure should be able to jump longer.....
  14. KilledWithStyle

    Beam jump off of people, and guru bug.

    Ok teh title says it all. but me and a few friends figured otu a few more bugs to go with it: Beam jump off of beams. (figure it out it says it all) BEam jump in yoreu face ps. first ahve you and a buddy charge generic beams. Have the more powerfull one beam jump off of the other person...
  15. DBZFever

    Beam Jump?

    I dont get what a beam jump is. Can anyone tell me?
  16. Vashusa

    cant beam jump

    i just downloaded 1.1 and am playing on the lan games and i cant beam jump even thought i know that this version allows that whenever i shoot a beam into the floor it just blows up in my face just like the old version whats going on?
  17. W

    beam jump

    how can i beam jump ? :S
  18. S

    1.1 Beam Jump

    I feel dumb asking this, but is it even added in there? I couldn't seem to find it...if it's there how do I use it? I only got to use kame torpedos but not the small earth like spirit bomb or beam jumps
  19. M

    Problem with beam jump.

    Mainly the problem is I cant get it to work. DL'd and instaled the 1.1 patch. All the other listed modifications are there and working but I cant get beam jumps to work. Is there some special trick to doing it or is there a setting that needs to be changed?
  20. A

    Shinobi's BACK!!!

    Thats right, me and Shijing are making Shinobi for beta 1.1 so he can use his sword. Heres his head. ANd BTW, Do you think spiderman would be a cool model. We can make his beams look like webs so he will be able to "Web" jump in 1.1 (Beamjump):laff: