wall jump speed boost idea

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Dec 21, 2003
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ok , i suggested this back in the time , of my , i don't know how to put this "insanement flamement" no one listened to it ,so maybe i may suggest it now

my idea is , if ur doing a wall jump and press fire ,it could then bring up a bar and then you charge it for speed boost ,the longer it's charged , the faster you go , green boosting it by 10 , blue 20 , and red 30, the ki drain will happen will this is going on , then after primary fire is let go you jump and swoop (it could automatically go into swoop ,if you decide to do a continuing swoop with it , the ki cost could be normal , the adverse affects could be that when u want to recharge ur ki , it could take alittle longer or something

critz/cometns ??

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