1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Your house on Google Maps!

    For some reason this photo makes it look like I live in paradise. I don't see how?
  2. Painkiller

    [Request] Goku's house models

    Hey guys. Can you help me out to find Goku's house models that I could use? Something similar to this I suppose
  3. Zeonix

    Proposal To Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell Approved By House

    Source: Score one for liberty. Almost. Just a bit further. Also, McCain can eat a dick.
  4. grOOvy

    Apple iPad Anyone going to get one of these? I'm thinking about getting the low-end one for my Mum as a computer to use around the house. She currently uses a thinkpad from work, so this might be a more exciting and simple way to browse the web and check email.
  5. ZeroNightmare

    New WiFi internet in the house, help with xbox live

    Sup guys. Just moved into another house and I have a wireless internet set up. The modem from the ISP is in my basement, which is connected to a wireless router. After that the pc's we use have little USB wifi detector cards. They work. Problem is I'm not sure how to set up my xbox for...
  6. ESCachuli

    Kame house

    when i try to use this map it said me that i need kh_water... i-dont-know-more (im spanish and is an expresion)
  7. Sicron

    House Season 4 Finale [Spoilers of course]

    So who saw the last 2 episodes? I must say, apart from the episode where House was in a college room, explaining 3 cases, where he was one of those cases. These were probably the 2 best House episodes yet. I never liked Amber, but still it was kind of sad to see this. I wonder what will happen...
  8. john_volkov

    House Hold Death an hl modification

    I was serching for a hl mod and damn i'v found out this one a nice horror mod you can be the stalker (Freddy Kruger or Jason X or a killer ) the humans has forcs some chitching Knife the...
  9. Deman

    House, M.D.

    So who else loves this cuddly ******* on the TV set? Yes, I will agree beforehand that the episodes can be rather formulaic. Personally I think Hugh Laurie does an awesome job portraying the drug addicted genius and I'm also pretty impressed with his ability to eliminate his british accent.
  10. K


    With I make to play esf in house without needing Internet or they steam it?
  11. donnierisk

    Buu's house refs!

    Hello all, donnierisk here, well I'm planning on making a map with bu''s house(fatbuu) from DBZ, you know, that spherical ovalish white thing. well I'll be VERY happy if someone can please get me some nice refs on that house, outside and if you can, inside will also be great. Well I hope...
  12. Theoboy

    Roundish house

    I really need some help. I am mapping on the King Kai planet map, like you proberly know. The thing is that I don't know how to make a roundish lookin house. If there is someone there know a tutorial or can help me over msn then it would be great. (If you want my msn then PM me.)
  13. Ravendust

    House of the Dead 4

    I saw this in my local arcade yesterday and was wowed. HotD has always been my preferred arcade fps series (Time Crisis is a close second) and I was a bit dissapointed by 3, the shotguns were heftier and more cumbersome to reload than the pistols, and there was no spread or extra damage or...
  14. G

    Kame House - final version

    Well the topic says all: I'm curently working at this thing from my old version. About 50% done. Still there are more to go
  15. ZeroNightmare

    bat in my house wtf help

    theres a bvat in my house, tis flying around, i knocked abunch of **** down swinging at it with a blanket, how do i get it out, ****, help!
  16. A

    lifting up house thingy?

    on the home page of esforces the picture of the week thing shows freeza or however u spell his name lifting up one of there house thingys with rock i tried to do that and it didnt work is there something im supposed to be doing instead of going up to it holding down left mouse button because all...
  17. KidMan

    Goku's House, Gohan's house or The site where the saiyans came

    I was thinking it would be awesome to fight near Goku's house or Grandpa Gohans house or even the site where Vegeta and Nappa landed and you oculd fight around the sayian space pods. That would be really cool to have. Also i had a question about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Will you guiys...
  18. G

    Kame House - NEW + DOWNLOAD

    ok I see some other guys work at the same Kame stuff like I do, I don't want to make any competition with imkongkong & hterag or others but anyway I remade the whole Kame House map for the 3rd time and I would like to know if it looks better this way. Pictures Here: Download Here...
  19. M

    Kame House

    Ayo Lad's, I know this aint HL1 or ESF mapping but its DBZ. So I thought it be best I post it here Now I stumbled upon it on a CD. Hehe there were 2 versions of this on the CD Cel-Shaded and non. So I took a screenshot for fun see what ppl think. Ignore the crappy lighting did a quick compile...
  20. F

    Dedicated server from other computer in my house

    (tried to make title search friendly for anyone else) Yeah i searched the forums for anything related to my question but nothing "good" came up. Ok, well you see I have 2 computers. one with direct internet access with cox high speed internet. this computer is pretty fast its got good...