1. Loki

    Website BG

    Im requesting that someone makes me a BG for the website im creating Vegetto's Domain. Like always Blue and Black fav colors to make bg out of. Maybe include a pic or 2 of Vegetto in it with its opacity down. Whoever does this for me will have full credit shown on the site with either ur esf...
  2. C

    Do you guys think Gmax is any good?

    What do you people think of gmax. If anyone does not know what it is, its a free modeling system based on 3dms. I checked it out and its ok.. What do you guys think? (Do any of you know any tutorials for it?) o_o
  3. U

    Kami's House never looked so inviting

    Your map looks awesome Stryker! It's a triumph! DarkTooth's PS pictures answered my first question (can you swim under the water? --> yes), but I'm still wondering: can you enter Kami's house? (I'd assume not, given the constraints the scale down puts on the map. Everything is at least...
  4. [SAS]Orion

    Newest simple sig

    I'm using it in agct now :D edit: looks like i'm using it here too oO
  5. E

    Kame House map screen

    Here is the Kame House map that i am currently working on. What you see in the pic takes up all of worldcraft. So the map is extremely large.
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    what do ya think?

    i cant say i really like photoshop its interface is a bit more complicated then psp's but what do u think of this yeah i used a tut to learn how to do it but this was done from memory. i did this at a friends house.
  7. MrMasj

    Esf_Tournament Prosses Status

    I did find out thats it was time to post a new post in here this will send information about how the Esf_Tournament Beta projekt is working new ideas are welcome for the map projekt. The map you will se pics from arent the lastest versíon and are printed in the Esf Alpha version the map scale...
  8. DJ-Ready

    New maps arrived...

    S2k_Tournament_alpha by me and S2k_Galaxy by [email protected] r done! Go download them on <a href="">Tournament</a> <a href="">galaxy</a>
  9. S

    Who Wants Maps??

    Who wants map!!? Go visit Red Saiyan Mod Resources Here a list of the maps i got on site DBZ City DBZ Earth D_6969 mappack -D_city -D_otherwordl -Space Grand kia Arena Stadium Stribb's Budouki Swiss Cheese City Astroid Belt Cellgames DBZ Cell DBZ Map...
  10. D

    Some Real Art!

    i don have a scanner at my house... but i do at my grandmas and i will be posting artwork soon :) but until then here is someone's artwork that was o the fan art page that i colored in psp7....
  11. B


    anyone know a place to get a crack for milkshpae?