1. W

    Need tutorials on how to model for quake 3 and half-life

    Can somone provide me with some good links on how to model? PS. Here is a good Quake3TA mod site with dragonball Z/GT fused with squaresoft.. http://www.planetquake.com/ef
  2. DragonDude

    Creating V_Models For Half-Life And Such

    I know ESF doesn't make use of v_models, because of the fact first person is rarely used, and not very supported, but this is the only good forum I knew to ask. How exactly do you make v_models work correctly? I found a tutorial on making them, but it was for Quake, and was not very specific...
  3. V

    Half-Life on Half-Life 2 engine!?

    I was just over at www.planethalflife.com and read an article about the leaked version of the sourcecode and game. Apparently there is a thing that lets you play half-life on the HL2 engine. If this is true and it is released legally, my question is would the ESF team use this to up the...
  4. harSens

    I want to learn how to code a half-life mod

    If you are serious about this, first learn how to code in C++, before even downloading the halflife sdk. Get a book about C++. Online tutorials are usually from a doubtfull quality. Your local library should have something usefull. I don't have any English book suggestions. Leen Ammeraal wrote a...
  5. Amayirot Akago

    Half-Life 2 Subtitle

    I was just thinking; will Valve make up a subtitle for Half-Life 2? Like maybe Half-Life 2: The Return or something like that. Post your ideas here. :rolleyes:
  6. <DeurWaardeR>

    !HALFLIFE files question!

    ok i fried my HD, now im using a 1.2 GB HD ;/ . i have verry little space now, so wich half life files can i delete, without affecting the esf mod (that it continues working)?? :confused:
  7. Optimus Prime

    Half-Life 2 Delay Officially 100% Confirmed....

    Taken again from PHL; I am also glad this "nonsense" is over and done with and we can stop talking about September 30th ;).