1. Dzamija

    A question for you guys.

    *EDITED* Delete this post please.
  2. J

    NOOB i need some help guys

    ok i got HALF LIFE and its all installed played it for a bit bla bla bla i just installed the latest esf 1.2.3 is there anything els i need to install ??? my error message im getting once i lets say try anything once im in th main menu i think it says something like could not find library dll...
  3. Odin

    hey guys

    i just got my senior picture back from the photography studio. They've actually been ready for a long time, but I was lazy and never paid the rest of the money so they held onto my pictures :( Anyway I'm pretty impressed at how well it came out. :D I wanted to make mine a little different from...
  4. E

    Hi guys !

    Anyone fill me in what's been happening ? Not sure if anyone still remembers me but hell, wanted to say hi to those who know me seeing I'm back in the game n' stuff.
  5. Odin

    hey guys! I'm calling you out!

    Element4q2 (25), prandonheat (25), -DS-MajinVegeta (22), FtHeSyStEm5000 (21), kornskorpion (21), mdunner28 (21), PowerRanger (20), SSJ fred (19), chankaho (19), thundercat_2008 (17) Happy b-day guys! :D I hope it goes well for each and every one of you.
  6. Damaera

    Do you guys think there will be a Halo 4? *Spoilers*

    I think there will be, but the story as we know it will be completely different. If you watched the Legendary ending in Halo 3, you find out that Master Chief has survived. At the end of the Legendary cinematic, you will see the ship that Master Chief is in fly into a mysterious planet. Halo 4...
  7. M

    Hey hey. do you guys remember me :D?

    Whats up? any old players around that remember me? i was known as [S2k]MythoS and stopped playing this mod like... 2 years ago ^^? been that long ah? anyway, if you remember me post here :) i wonder if the other old s2k members still play ESF. and what happened to DJ? did he close ESF-WORLD?
  8. vahn9

    you guys making maps

    would you guys who make custom maps please learn how to make a .res file all these custom map packs that need a special wad and you don't even make a .res file its very simple just do this to make life more easy for everyone lets say the wad for example is guru.wad i want you to open notepad...
  9. M

    Hello guys. I have a quick question.

    So, I've just recently started playing again (it's been quite awhile). After much searching, I found a soundpack, with a specific file I want to use. When I place the file in the sound folder (for this, we can say the file is 'aura'), it doesn't continue to lopp once I'm in the game. The...
  10. M

    You Know What Guys?

    I could have beaten Bruce Lee. But nobody believes me. :( Who could you guys have beaten, yet nobody would believe you?
  11. Barney's_Soul

    Hi guys

    Left ESF for a long time, am playing it again, nice to see old faces like Ren and Neon....even though I return to the forums with a crippled(?) user name, still saying hi!
  12. E

    Hi guys

    Wondering who of the oldies is still around.
  13. T

    help guys just downloaded

    i jsut downloaded esf and i go to join n its al ldiffrent color yellow purple pink black for everything character world land water everything what do i do to fix? yesi have downloaded half life 1
  14. The Deco

    Does any of you guys have DBZ-Series style aura model?

    I'm looking for series style auras Examples: I'm really looking for 1 of this, its major for me. Thanks.
  15. N

    hi guys

    I'm just your everyday esf newbie, please give me hints on how to play the game or where to download custom stuff I heard about.
  16. W

    Hi guys

    Hey guys I'm new what up?
  17. J

    hello guys,i am new here can teach me combo ?

    how do i do a special during prepunch i saw the bot sometime can do special hit on me >.<x can give me a example ? ty :)
  18. Basslover722

    Guys help MEH!

    Ok well guys im in a sticky sit. that i was gonna ask my trusty ESF'ers out there to help me with. Look i like WoW. I tied the trial version and it was pretty fun. i got my tauren in 14 days up to lvl 15 :p. I was wondering what i should do because..... 1.Im not completely rich or wealthy but i...
  19. LionHeart

    help guys

    if anyone has a program that can open this file i'll be very happy pls help :D it's a map from a game that is dragon ball z online and i need to open and view it pls help
  20. Killface

    Im lost guys....

    Im just gonna come out and say it... Last Saturday, i went to a party at my friends house. I didn't expect much to happen, maybe a little drinking, but that was about it. Well, i met a girl there, Like one of the hottest chicks i've ever met. We've known eachother for a while, and we'd talk...