1. sanSTyX

    Why aren't you guys hosting Open Beta on torrents anymore?

    Nostalgic The oldest thread here. Reading through some of this stuff is sad :-(
  2. Damaera


  3. J

    Guys Don't Worry About the Trailer.

    "It will be released in the year 2947, right before the full release of the game in 3012." comment by badboy4c1 Okay, flame away with your hopeless faith in these devs.
  4. GokuSS

    GokuSS' illustrious collection of fascinating questions

    Hi - I'd like to know if anyone knows which characters will there be. Any fusions like gogeta or vegito? Gogeta SS4?
  5. Hiiragidaniel

    Just a couple of new guys. We like introductions.

    Me and my friend just found this mod, which was a big surprise for both of us considering we're both huge DBZ fans and never came across this before. I go by UGC Fox through steam and my friend goes by UGC Mouse. Looking forward to playing with you all and getting into the game. Don't be...
  6. Hellion_Blade

    Did you guys hear about that movie called constipation?

    No? that's 'cause it didn't come out yet! Let the puns begin!! I've got a few more bad ones. Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm? hes alright now. Some guy got caught in an upholstery machine. They said hes recovered. The peanut had to go to the hospital. He was...
  7. Fevenis

    I love you guys!

    Been a fan of ESF since the beginning! Just picked it back up after being out of the scene for about 3-4 years. I can't express how happy I am to see this project is still being worked on ^^. Has to be in my top 10 favorite games, even though I'm terrible at it =p. You guys make the world...
  8. DJ-Ready

    Sup guys

    Hey hey. I just felt like dropping by and saying hi for a change :) Its been a while since I've been active but I think you guys remember me .... newcomers excluded ;P So who is still around? :)
  9. The Deco

    Guys... I hope some concious robot doesn't read this, IT IS THE ROBOCALYPSE ****. post your scores!
  10. Stuart

    What kind of hobbies or things you do for fun guys?

    For me I have a ssshhhhhiiiiiiiitttt load of stuff(hobbies) it goes...hrmm.....Building,cooking,photography, drawing,stone or wood carvings, making clay figures, racing, working out, eating,writing, "practicing makin babies" :D,workin on cars and electronics, playing ma guitar and playing...
  11. greenblur

    You guys were so cute back then... If only I could go back there and tell you about how this mod would explode.
  12. sub

    What the **** guys?

    No one made Spunky a birthday thread. **** each and everyone of you. To Spunky: Happy birthday. To everyone else: Apologize.
  13. omnomnom

    You guys keep getting my threads closed....

    You've displeased me... i demand sacrifice.... so how's everyone doin? o_o
  14. SuperSaiyan -3

    What server(s) do you guys use?

    Is there any popular server(s) that you guys play on?
  15. Snowm@n

    No more raping for you guys!

    If you are a rapist then watch out, some new condoms with teeth inside might just bite your virtue. Anyways, if the rapist likes anal, I dont that that's going to change anything.
  16. st34lth

    What's will happen to the ESF team after you guys finish 1.3?

    After you guys finish 1.3 are you guys going to disband and move on to bigger projects? Or will some of you stick together and make something else. I'am just wondering what you guys were planning after this.
  17. Phatslugga

    Hey guys, remember me!?

    Hey guys, if anyone still remembers me, I used to play ESF a long time ago. I was also an admin and a beta tester at one point :). I am now trying to get on a TV show called the Tester shown exclusively on the PSN. If anyone wants to do me a huge favor, and take about 5 mins to register and vote...
  18. Painkiller

    've you guys ever had this kind of dream?

    Well.. when I'm dreaming something I often start to get this Let me tell you one of my dreams I was for some reason with my cousin and a friend in Metallica's studio. It was fun, knowing Metallica and all. But the strange part is, that they wanted us to play with them. Ok... Everyone played...
  19. Nuttzy

    if you guys have been wondering where i was

    well, I was with my girlfriend. Thought it was going well, been together for just under a year. Then out of the blue she texts me and tells me the love was gone and she just stayed with me for the sex for the last couple months. She broke up with me via text message this morning, ****. I did...
  20. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...