1. Denariax

    I've got a GREAT idea!

    Post all your stupid posts here about the joke or not joke, and stop making threads. Make it as long as you want. And follow the rules, as well. STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS!
  2. $sj Goku

    Great Idea's For Esf 1.3

    Me and Nge thought these through -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea #1 -Add a special meter. -The meter gradually fills when giving dmg to others with *melee*. -When the bar fills this enables players to use their special attack Idea #2...
  3. Optimus Prime

    Forecast Fox, Great Firefox plugin.

    Up to date three day weather forecast in Firefox.
  4. Z

    Great JoB!!! (+ question)

    First of all, i want to say WHAT A ******* GREAT JOB, I am your humble servant lol. Seriously, I absolutely love Dragon Ball Z so this game is just my cup of tea. OK, here's my question, I've read somewhere in this forum that these are the available characters: Though, for the bunch of...
  5. D

    The Great Ape

    I cant seem to find a Oozarut model for esf 1.2,i remeber an old thread about a ooozaru being recoded to 1.2 but that thrread is gone,and google isnt helping much so i was wondering if anybody had that model?I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. imkongkong

    Great way to implement Cell Jrs.

    Since cell basically has NO unique attacks except for a very few (cell jrs), cell should get this attack in his perfect form. Now to make this attack not spammable, you would have to charge one that would take longer than a full spirit bomb. While charging you cannot move and would be...
  7. F

    The great untitled comic.

    Starting a comic, I want people to vote if it's worth a damn or not, so I can continue if it is. Also, I need a name. So post ideas here!
  8. B

    A very great naruto mod for HL2!

    *Link Removed* the topic name says it all! it still needs some publicity though i would be very thankfull if u could help. at least take a look i gaurentee you'll love it!.
  9. Optimus Prime

    Great Firefox Addon

    My roommate pointed out this great plugin. Lets you control basically any media player from Firefox via a control panel located at the bottom right of the Firefox window, and it can be relocated if you'd prefer it at the top. Here's a screenshot of my window as I type this message :O...
  10. CM

    Holy ****! Great surprise! God Of War 2 - April 24, 2005

  11. T


    The new aura looks awsome, more 3d then the old one glad to see some good updates . PS never seen that map be for looks awsome to.
  12. D

    Great Teacher Onizuka

    Anybody ever seen this awesome Anime Series? The series is about about ex gang member Onizuka Eikichi (22 years old) who wants to be a Student Teacher! He becomes a teacher on a private school, which has got problems with students harassing the teachers, and other various problems...
  13. S

    i think its a great idea

    my idea is that in avery server when you start playing ther will be 2 bots or something whith androids 17, 18 that if cell will be in the game he need to absorve them whith special combo in melle and like this he transformes
  14. imkongkong

    which BFP version is the best? also other great quake3 mods?

    u just bought quake 3 because of all the new mods coming out, and i'd like to play them when they're finished like zeq2, spiderman, megaman, etc. anyways im going to download BFP, but im not sure which version is the best one? i want to get the authentic version of BFP, so im debating from...
  15. RavenTrunks

    Great News for me

    For about a Year and a half now, ive been playing esf at 3-15 FPS Constantly :\ (no exageration). When this tuesday comes I will have my great computer which would ping ESF at a constant 100 FPS! :laff: YAY! so then on you will see me in ESF games alot more now, will have fun playin with...
  16. Mr. Phonso

    my first model...and its going great!

    ok, i just started learning the basic tools 3 days ago for using milkshape 1.7.1... and 2 days ago i just started on my first serious model, goku. personally i think its turning out great for a first model and yes i know there are a lot of polys so i might use it for hl2 mods in the future...
  17. G

    map requests to help me complete my concept of a great esf.

    obviously, these are not name requirements, im just usinf esf_ as an abstract example, as well as the rest of each name. these are ideas of what i need... esf_namek_truesize(a plain namek area, type of area where vegeta, gohan, or krillin just kinda flew across, it has to be as absolutely...
  18. O

    great perm banned on server again!

    Whine or not this is getting rediculous...... I keep getting kicked and banned for no reason at all! I can only assume its because i play to good. Most of the time they say im cheating or using some kind of aimhack and im beginning to get tired and bored of this community. The only damn...
  19. Goten-son

    Last night was great ^_^

    well i got to work the projekt revolutions concert last night and got to be right behind the pit area ^_^ so i was about 30 ft or a lil more from the stage!!! i got to see Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dog and Less than Jake, which the band leader from less than jake ended up coming out in the crowd...
  20. T

    Patch is great BUT

    I got patch few days ago when it came out and like a half hour in the game it crashes on my server on other servers r we just sapose to deal with it i no its not my computer cuzz i have a great one the new map lags so bad it makes my balls itch But rest of game is the ****net GOOD GOB TEAM this...