great perm banned on server again!

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Jul 22, 2004
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Whine or not this is getting rediculous......

I keep getting kicked and banned for no reason at all!
I can only assume its because i play to good.
Most of the time they say im cheating or using some kind of aimhack and im beginning to get tired and bored of this community.

The only damn server that was nice and were i spend some hours on since a week was server ESF @ nice, 30-40 ping, never a crash, 17 player FFA.
Now today i can only guess the admin was on and after 30+ frags in a row, i hear someone say, we dont like cheaters.....kicked and now banned for ever it seems.

The good thing is that he gave a reason which was cheating which is good for my ego, but i really getting tired of getting banned. I dont beamspam i do simple and adv melee with general beams and ki attacks and never curse. I'm trying to be versatile. Somehow 90% of the players cant touch me.
And scores like 100-10 or with Buu 150-5 are not uncommon, only that seems be the problem of the kicking.

Also its sad every server oversea gives 120+ ping so i dont know how the community(americans) there are and if there is someone whith the same problems?

This is not me trying to brag but im just at the point of quiting esf. ;(
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Jan 9, 2003
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I'm sorry you've been banned from a server (or servers) but it's more of a personal issue than a forum based one. Not every server is the same. I suggest you stop doing whatever it is you're doing to get yourself banned from multiple servers so it wont happen anymore. If it's just playing well, consider playing more poorly. It's sad but the reality is once you're banned there's no game play at all.

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