1. L

    gogeta spirit bomb

    and the link ;) http://www.angelfire.com/comics/lior/gogetaspirit.zip
  2. SSJ Toast

    Request -gogeta's colorful ball attack

    well i searched the forums and havnt found one, so thats why iam posting this request, anyways it would be kool if gogeta had more custom sprites for his attacks, like that ball thingie he used for the janemba movie, it could perhaps replace the spirit bomb, or the second spirit bomb attack (the...
  3. Kreshi

    Gogeta Normal- SSJ2 Released!!!

    I am done with the gogeta model... I maked the leg- skin in 2 min, and the arms in 5 min, and in 2 hours the joints assings and changing his form for the animations... wahhhhh that was hard^^ But now it is done!!! Here the download- link for my Gogeta: http://mitglied.lycos.de/kreshi/gogeta...
  4. S

    Kreshis gogeta

    I am working on a skin to kreshis gogeta but before i can post a pic ineed a host anyone can help me..... plz
  5. RED_Dragon

    Good Gogeta

    I was wondering is there a gogeta model that has been released other than that old one that comes in a pack with normal, ssj, and ssj4?
  6. CM

    Gogeta WIP

    Credits: Kreshi (Clone), Smo (Victim) this skin, even if kreshi likes it, will not be released with the model. I dont do skins for cloners, i do them for fun.
  7. Suh Dude

    Kreshi's Gogeta -Skinned by me

    Well um kinda bored so here Credits:Kreshi Crits?
  8. SSJ 4 Vegito

    English Gogeta soundpack

    http://maximum.free-host.com/Gogeta%20soundpack.rar try it just copy & paste link
  9. Kreshi

    Last Try..... Gogeta.....

    Ok people....... new the last Try for me to let you make the skin for gogeta and released him! I have upload the finished (I think it is^^) version of the model....... I have skinmapped the model also and I don´t want flameing in this thread! You know what will be if you flame...
  10. sexyasian86

    Gogeta -SexyAsian86

    Credit -Smo and Logan. Enjoy, Hope you Folks like it. It'll be up on RedSaiyan hopefully. -Asian
  11. Kreshi

    Who makes the best Gogeta- Skin?!

    Hi people!!! I have decided that all which want to skin (you have to skinmap it first^^) my gogeta model can do it! The model is allmost done, only the west is not, but I have thought that I will finish the west after the model is finish skinned! Who wants can finish the west by himself, but i...
  12. T

    Cover in colour

    Ok I coloured it but I'm not quite satisfied with the beam maybe I should lose it? Or does someone know how to do them properly.
  13. Kreshi

    Gogeta VIP2!!!!!!!

    hm............ i am very angry now!!! ;( and sad too :( S-Bolt-- why did you closed my thread? you had not any reason to close it!!!!! ;( :( :cry: What do i wrong, or what do a other person wrong? NOTHING!!! And why should i not be allowed to use "pics" from other models to make my own...
  14. T

    does this look nice for a cover

    This is should be the cover of my first manga but I'm wondering if it looks good enough. If it's good enough I will start to color it.
  15. Kreshi


    hi! I am working on a Gogeta Model for ESF, but I am not 100% sure if it will be really Gogeta^^ lol, but I think it will be :laff: Here is a pic: PS: This is my first "poly by poly" body........ I have only did heads poly by poly but never a body^^ this is my first body, which is make...
  16. Jimesu_Evil

    New Saiyan Saga Vegeta

    Lookie: Credits to: -Turk for the Vegeta model -D.C Darkling for the tail This model will not be released until I have permission from Turk and D.C Darkling. Please do not ask me if you can host this model like in my GT Vegeta thread, because the answer will be NO. I will find a...
  17. M

    Fusion Model

    Heyzz I was just wondering whatever happend to the Goku + Vegeta (Gogeta Fusion) model did it ever get finished and will it ever appaer for download because i would be a waste not finish it after i get my awnser mods can close this tread No Flaming or Spamming i just want the awnser...
  18. Gangster464

    In whos place does gogeta go ?

    Sup guys , I just downloaded the gogeta model but i dont know whos place he needs to takes is it trunks, cell who? Oh yeah and lets say i just put gogeta on cells place is gogeta going to have the moves that cell had or does he already come with his own moves and sounds and stuff or no? Oh yeah...
  19. I

    my gotenks model edit

    been bored... as usual... and decided to do a gotenks model edit because the last gotenks one wasnt that good well here it is... credits to: shijing and asian for the parts i took off their kid buu model, and nuttzy for the male base model...

    VEGETTO/GOGETA skins but not mine

    :devgrin: this is a vegetto and gogeta i found so im posting it up i give alot cridit for the person who made thes ENJOY!!!!! :yes:[SIZE=7]