1. E

    Ninja Girl Erin

    Hey ho , curently working on a cute ninja girl based on the naruto anime, plan after a few more edits on the head to move on to the whole body, then uv and texture for the final hdr render. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality renders as im in exams i have not had much time and...
  2. PiXel

    The girl next door (sexeh CG :P )

    heeyy wassap, i was thinking about growing my skills and i looked up a photo of a girl... i found one. i used the pen tool to make a white black drawing of it. And i colored it. heres my concurently stauts of my wip. :] Tips and comments are wellcome ^^
  3. G

    The Girl Without A Face!!

    This is a very very sad news headline. There's also a video at the top of the page...
  4. E

    meet my new girl :D *56kers beware*

    here she is :), skyline r33 gt25t was finally able to get a hold of a digi cam at work and took some pics :). Its practically stock atm except for rims, exhaust and some other minor things. Planning to get a new front mount to replace the small stock cooler
  5. Blademaster

    CS girl

    i cant find the sceleton for CS girl or anytihng nothings in the gsg9 ir whatever its called folder
  6. Jugo

    CS girl tutorial ?

    I heard that there's a very good cs girl modeling tut for milkshape 3D, Can anyone tell me where to download it ? i've searched everywhere, even google and i did not find anything

    girl players in ESF

    there are girl's in the forums. but i've never come across a girl while playing esf. do any girls play esf?
  8. B

    Hottest Girl In Naruto

    Well who do u guys think is the hottest girl in the show?!?!my pick is termia shes just a super hotty :laff: :shocked: :yes:
  9. 8

    CS Girl Tut

    Where is the link for it cause i wanna take modelling up
  10. N

    Some Girl Art Work...!

    here is just same art i made with PS.. crits are welcome... :smile: greetz Niracle :\
  11. Ryoko

    My drawing of a girl (totally my own for once!)

    My drawing of a girl (totally my oen for once!) Ok so its a character I thought up and yes.. im not very good but at least I tried right? Im going to cg it later, I think S-bolt is helping me ink quickly, and giving me pointers ^-^;; Can I get some good, honest critism's and comments...
  12. B

    Not A Warrior Girl (damn u taco)

    hah, im still working on sensitive girl... i was just bored to death during math and drew this.. then digitaly inked it at home ps: its ok to ink it, show it in the thread hsu made... but dont show it somewhere else without giving credits and dont say that you made it
  13. S

    A girl... CG

    Right well i know this isnt brilliant, but i wanted sum practice with drawing girls and i wanted to practice CG, so well this is what i did, all crits and coments welcome (BTW i think the shoulders are a little too small): enjoy
  14. B

    sensitive girl

    this is a quicky, without any shading, im not gonna talk much cue i have to run now greetz
  15. S

    A girl

    Well S-Bolt's pics inspired me to do a drawing of a woman, and i wanted to try out his scanning technique, the pose in the pic isnt that great and its a little misproportioned: thanks to s-bolt
  16. Synth

    The Finest Girl Alive

    Choose 1 of the 10 or add your own to the list. Im just curious what the forum as a whole considers to be sexy. If I left someone out let me know :). I would have to say that Ashanti has the perfect "legs", face, and body.
  17. Wangster

    its getting DAMN HOT in herrrrr

    lol, my lil bro made his second WP! w00t, its sooooo hot. crits? opinions? owyeah, i already told him imaged are badly cut. so darn hot. :yes:
  18. A

    Shiek AKA Zelda V2

    I lost my old one when I got a virus ((>_<)), so i made a new one :smile: critz?
  19. Wangster

    a half naked girl

    well, i have drawn a half naked girl, you CAN c the niples, but i can pixelate that , my question is, can i show the drawing in here or not? i thougt id better ask first or i maybey got a warning, so, can i show it? if i cant, i can always take aways the nipples, so you dont c anything erotic...
  20. Wangster

    expirimenting styles.

    well, i was expirimenting styles with drawing chars , some made up, some i had ref pics with. well here they are, il say if they r made up and freehand, or made with reff. this is comic style like batman. made up and freehand. this is a face made with a facebox i created to remind...