1. Almighty_Gir

    My baby girl.

    please welcome to the world, Tyria Dorothy Morgan Devonald! she was born yesterday morning at 4:21am, and weighed a whopping 9lbs 14oz (4.515kg)!!! we were in the hospital until today, because unfortunately just after the birth there were complications with my girlfriend, she...
  2. Almighty_Gir

    Create a girl course, with Hazardous.

    hey ESF guys, i wanted to make a thread showing what i've been working on. but the character limit here is 10,000 characters. and well.... the original posts are a bit longer than that and i'm not going to break them up, so here's an image and a link to the polycount thread for those interested...
  3. Damaera

    Girl come cleans about false rape accusation, father out of jail after 11 years Basically this girl lied about her dad raping her, and he spent 11 years in jail for doing nothing. After coming clean, she isn't going to be facing any jail time...
  4. Deathshot

    Nintendogs Causes girl to be attacked by dog

    So I know this was a few days ago but.... Seriously? Source:Woof Woof! I have to say that "Nintendogs: The world's most adorable public safety hazard?" Bit at the right has to be the best part.
  5. Mkilbride

    Puppy throwing girl*****-on-the-hunt-for-puppy+throwing-girl Wow..aha.
  6. Spunky

    Seattle cop punches teenage girl in the face for being an idiot. Shouldn't have assaulted the cop. He was actually being pretty nice to the first girl. He could have just slammed her ass on the ground.
  7. S

    cs girl tutorial

    hey i was wondering if anyone could please upload the cs girl tutorial? or at least link me up if there's another source for it? All the links on the guys site are dead, so i cant get it :brokenheart:
  8. Spunky

    9-year-old girl's twin found in her stomach...

    Source: Wow. That's ****ed up.
  9. Dzamija

    14 year-old girl drowns her child in toilet.

  10. Mr.Lukyas

    The Sexiest anime girl :O

    CatWoman a.k.a. Yoruichi gmv
  11. U

    girl = evil!?

    plz discuss..... it's that girl trustfull? or they r just bunch devils try to demonish the boys heart?
  12. Y

    Anime Girl

  13. VivaLaPineapple

    flower girl

    since some of you guys think the vector brushes are getting stale this one was done completely in illustrator no brushes were used
  14. PiXel

    Elf Girl @ Model Shooting

    uhm i gues you all remember the unfinished cg, so i decided to retouch it and make her to an elf xD c&c are welcome:
  15. -Blaze-

    My very first anime girl

    Hey dudes, i have never tryed drawing a girl before, so i tryed to draw anime girl. *blushes* C&C are welcome. :S
  16. Ravendust

    EMO Girl puts the EMO in EMO

    Most people don't believe in negative stereotypes, but this video sure as hell does a good job at trying to convince them. This may well be the most cliché, genuine emo (video) blog of all time. Birds are dying ;_;
  17. bapplebo

    My go at purple girl

    I forgot to save .psd. This took about 30 mins. I learnt what type of smudge brush to use and how to place my hard-brush colors. EDIT: FOrgot credits again, im forgetful X_X.
  18. PiXel

    Purple/pink girl

    owell i tried to cg again... i dunno this is my 3rd try or? yeh... anyway it came out pretty decent/good in my opinion: a touch up: (ref from 3d total tutorial section) C&C
  19. Deman

    Lions Save an Ethiopian girl Other than the part about her being kidnapped and beaten repeatedly for seven days, I think this is a pretty cool story.
  20. JDeezNutz

    My Girl!

    This is about Cally and I. We have recently just got back together after a 3 week break. I am so glad, I Love this girl to pieces and she finally realised she Loves me after I stopped chasing her. I am creating this thread for the Joy and Happiness of getting back with Cally! How did I know...