1. S

    Generic Balls...?

    Question.. : How well will you be able to powerstruggle with a generic ball? I mean, when compared with other attacks.. It would be kinda lame if a generic ball hit a generic beam (or other type of beam) a powerstruggle would commence.. (if both players have about the same PL.) Think...
  2. K

    generic beam right click projectile option

    i just thought of something! in the show aside from throwing standard weak "generic" beams ( i dont know where u guys got genetic from ) they would also throw equally boring ki blasts. im not talking about the renzoku (sp?) balls that are allready in for most chars. the attacks im talking...
  3. X

    PS between Scattershot and Generic Beam

    This isn't too big but it's happened to me quite a few times now. My friend waas Vegeta and I was Trunks and when he threw his scattershot, my generic beam hit only 1 of the beams and ended up in an endless PS. Kinda sucked since I had to type kill in console lol.
  4. M

    Generic Balls

    First - looking much forward to 1.2! And i dont hope i get banned or something for making such a small post, but i cant seem to find anywhere that tells what the generic balls are? That thing that will be in 1.2 according to the outline... I hope u can help me, im pretty curious about this...
  5. M

    Generic Balls

    Can somebody tell me what they mean by Generic Balls in the 1.2 outline?
  6. G

    Generic Force Field

    in honor of generic beam and generic bolt, how about a force field? a move only good against energy attacks, but chargable and very good against said attacks? (till it runs out of charge and breaks). Gohan and Cell could have specal versons (gohan later uses energy sheild repedidly (i think he...
  7. Y

    Generic Bomb

    Why dont make a Generic Bomb? Just like Generic beam but uncontrollable It should work for the times you just need to give the fast weak finishing blow and you dont want to stay there until the beam hits it It should have a delay between fires to stop spam Or maybe you could make it...
  8. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  9. Pain

    double generic

    just to vamp up the generic beams when u left click u charge one generic beam as normal. when u right click, u charge 2 generic beams for a double dose. obviously this one takes longer, but its stronger.
  10. K

    generic beams, how bout generic balls

    well the name says it really, all of the characters have a generic beam right, well ive noticed that quite often balls of energy are used more often than beams, so how bout making a generic ball, possibly the 2nd function of generic beam, and/or instead of clicking right mouse to detonate the...
  11. S

    Generic beam alteration

    ok my suggeston is to have a seccondary generig beam which is just a ki ball (large) so this way u could have more versatility if u did not want to get into a PS,BS what do u think?
  12. O

    Generic Ball

    Why not give each character a Generic Ball along with the Generic Beam? I've seen people asking for balls such as that used by Buu in the Babidi Saga against Gohan. The other Z Fighters used balls every now and then - Piccolo had a large ball attack (that is actually one of his named, but didn't...
  13. Eider

    reskin Krillin 2 ^^

    Owkej, I was terribly bored this evening so I started thinking ... My female model for esf isn't working so I started with remodelling and reskinning some original esf skins . :talk: I just finished my reskin and remodel of Krillin 2, I shall show some pics tomorrow but first I need to...
  14. Vengaurd

    Fixed the beam pack

    im sure you guys had noticed...but i wonder why none of you told me about it... ;( the bigger beam pack all the beam heads were pixely and had wight squares around them. this has been fixed and the trails are all now bigger. see sig for website
  15. P

    model almost done(goku)

    hey remember me. well the model is going ok but its taking longer tahn i anticipated here i kno the arms on this one are messed but i just moved them so you could get a better view. enjoy oh yeah and...
  16. S

    1st model

    How does this look i have been workin on it all day and then some and idk who i want it to be mabey vegetto or vegeta and no it is not a edit i did this with my hand and mouse edit- if it doesn't work try d/ling it
  17. X

    The Idea of all Ideas | Secondary for Generic Beams? | READ |

    Ok ok ok. So This Idea just hit me in the back of the head the other day. This could also be a great idea for freiza since he lacks powerful beams. How about EVERY Character has a diffrent Secondary Attack for Beams? Vegeta: Kikoha - Kikoha is another name for Generic Beam. But its...
  18. B

    Generic Shockwave/blast knockback attack

    It would make the gameplay more interesting if all classes/characters had the ability to release a generic spherical shockwave. (similar looking to a shockwave blast being emitted during transformation, but used as an attack) At the cost of Ki, the blast/shockwave could knockback/stun (for a...
  19. T

    Generic beam PS explosions

    Don't know if anyone else noticed but if two people PS with generic beams the explosion is larger and more apt to kill most people on the map. I watched two people PSing with a Final Flash and a Kame. When the Kame won, the explosion was large but not on a huge scale. Keep in mind that this...
  20. S

    Double Generic Beam!!

    This is like a "Generic Beam Upgrade". I think it would be cool as hell if you could charge up TWO generic beams at the same time. How it would work (follow along): 1) You charge up your first beam using the 'Primary Fire Button' 2) You push and hold the 'Secondary Fire Button' and...