1. EvolutionX

    Generic Beam Help

    Hey guys, i need a litle help with ECX CCI. I made a charackter, but the Generic Beam is green, how can i change it in blue or red? Which file I need to code? and Can someone give me the code? (If you want the code for blue and red Generic Beam) :/ Thanks in forward :-)
  2. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for SAM generic teleport.

    It's my guess that SAM will only enhance the attacks that we are given. What I'm suggesting is using SAM with a teleport, to teleport directly behind an opponent even if they are all the way across the map. You must be locked on to them, and perhaps this would only use 75% of the SAM bar. This...
  3. S

    Generic Beam sprite

    Is there any way that someone could take the generic beam and remove the trail? So that it would look like the blast used in the anime? Would would also be cool is to get sounds that they used for brolly's attacks. If anyone feels like doing it, that would be great. Because i have no idea how to...
  4. Rayne

    Generic attack names.

    Just a small suggestion: Change the names of all the "yellow/green/blue/purple/ attacks" to just generic beam/ball or something. It doesnt bother me as much anymore, but it was pretty lame back when i had just started playing because I really didnt and still dont care what color the attack...
  5. S

    Generic Beams

    Ok you all probably now, there are times when you just join a server and someone has a really HIGH pl. And he uses Generic Beam on you, you pretty much die right? Or your try to block it or whatever or try to beam it back with no hope of success. This idea is for those who first join servers and...
  6. KidMan

    Generic Beam Animation

    This might have been said before, not sure. My idea was to have the generic beam animations be different. Instead of having Goku and the rest of the gang do a one handed charge that all looks the same, why not add some variety into it to make it more unique? it doesn't change how strong the...
  7. Herms

    Generic explosion

    here's what im thinkin you know how most of the charactures in dbz got really mad then let off a huge exposion of enegry and blew up an area? I'll refresh your memory if you forgot. (I forgot a few too) when cell was fighting ssj2 gohan he got really mad glew purple then exploded enegry...
  8. Vagabond

    [POTW]4 v 4 Generic Beam struggle

    Thanks to Smith| for taking the pic. now which side won the muti struggle? bottom of the pic are the Good side and the the evil side near the top.
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Generic Screen Resolution Tip

    When playing video games, always play at your desktops resolution, and never higher than your monitor resolution I keep my desktop at 1024 and i play most games at that rez. That way you can alt tab quickly and easily, incase of pop ups, or im's or music needs. If you keep your desktop and...
  10. J

    Generic Dude WIP

    i was just taking another stab at modelling and this is the best ive done so far :/ i have no clue what im doing wrong maybe its just im 13 and im too young to understand this stuff or someting... anyways i was just hoping if someone could tell me what im doing wrong or some tips or something...
  11. .Maze

    Generic Beam/ball crash

    Well it seems that this Attack crashes my server when someone is using it near me. WE can even reproduce it and show it to ya, but it still happens quite often randmoly.
  12. A

    Multiple generic beams

    i know the esf team propably doesnt read these suggestion anyway but hell i will give it a try i think that they should add a multiple generic beam attack , it should propably cost alot of ki , like lets say u charge it up and fire lets say 6 generic beams and aim them at some1 , so...
  13. S

    Advanced Melee + Generic Beam

    Well, I was thinking about the game play in ESF 1.2, I love it. But, I was also thinking about how this might kick up the game play a notch. As it is, the advanced melee does a great deal of damage, but I do recall seeing in the dev journals, that they might reduce the damage? Correct me if...
  14. T

    Generic beam/ball ?

    I use generic ball a little bit more
  15. F

    Pre powering up Generic ball or beams

    OKay another idea... IN the series they can fire beams instantly so how about Pre powering up the GENERICBEAM or BALL only those and you can do other stuff while itsready like thow em and while they r flying you release it but the energy is blurry and just distorts the hand a bit so it wont...
  16. Z

    Generic Balls going thru some1 attack you

    When some1 is quite close to you and u shoot a generic ball at them, it goes through them. This doesnt happen all the time, and happens usually when they are swooping at you :/
  17. C

    generic beam/balls bug

    I think this is a bug, when you select generic beam/balls and hold primary and secondary attack, it charges twice as fast. It seems it charges generic beam and ball O_o when you release primary, then secondary attack, you shoot a ball, and when you relase secondary then primary attack, then...
  18. W

    generic character

    I just started using 3dsmax, This is my first character (I AM JUST PLAYING AROUND) what do u guys think? critz/comps? in a couple of days I am going to start Uub
  19. Vagabond

    What the hell is a generic ball look like?????????

    i know it an attack but what does it look like :confused:
  20. micfiygd

    generic beam

    when you do the generic beam primary fire should be left hand and secondary fire should be right if you do them both it shoots two beams