1. M

    Esf 1.3 French

    Hello, I am french ! I play has esf since 2008, and I waits for the version 1.3 for quite a while ^^ Can put yourselves ESF 1.3 there french ? It would be a good point, especially that there is many french player. If you can put the choice of language in the installation of the game ^^...
  2. Mkilbride

    New French Law: Punish men for insulting Wives

    So basically, if you're wife insults you, ti's fine, but if you insult her back, she can call the Police, plead her case, and get a shock thing placed on your foot. Utter absurdity, feminists have gone to far. I posted the link? Why isn't it showing up...
  3. KarrdeKNR

    LHC Sabotaged by the French....

    ...bread.,news-5047.html Wait, wut, really?
  4. HOM

    Sound in French for ecx big pack 8.4

    j'ai des son pour mes amies français car on n'en a marre des sons en anglais ;( :fight: I have sound for my friends French because we have it has a good laugh sounds in English ;( :fight: Contacted me Contacter Moi
  5. T

    French community

    Hello i m looking for french community of ESf do you have link please?
  6. H

    half-life1 french

    if i have a half-life1 Anthology but i have the frech version will it be english with esf i have an engilsh copy of half-life but all i need the frech version is for the cd key
  7. S

    FORUM FRENCH / Forum Fran?ais pour ESF

    Voila je suis le webmaster du Forum Univers-PC. Et je suis un passsionn? de ESF et donc je prpose aux joueurs fran?ais de venir pour qu'on puisse partager notre exp?rience et surtout passion du jeu.;) Si beaucoup de personnes viens...
  8. N

    A little french translation

    hey , dunno is this is the right section ,but i have a little dbz text and its in French. Im looking for someone that will translate it for me : ) i would realy apreciatae that. Thanks in Advance, thx for reading.
  9. G

    French newbie

    Hello i'm french so if my english isn't good don't pay atention plz^^ I begin to be interrested by dbz for the 2nd time yesterday, in fact I don't know very well the dbz univers. Is it difficult to play this mod ? Is there a source mod in progress ? Am i boring ? ^^ It is all thanks to...
  10. Kurt`

    Parkour! (yes it's french but it isn't *** :o) Pick your language, go to Parkour Training, click the >>> in the bottom right, then mouse over the videos. There's only a few at the moment, but they're still cool. I just watched a show on this. They had like 30-40 guys running through malls, parks, subway stations...
  11. G

    ooh :O french BK3 vids

  12. D

    French tournament -DTFR-

    do you want to participe to an ESF tournament ? if yes come to my team's forum section ESF 1.2 Tournoi ? salut a tt les français joueur esf si vous voulez participer a un tournoi esf postez sur le forum de la DTFR ds la section ESF 1.2 Tournoi ...
  13. B

    French who wanted to understand.

    Hello all, Sorry for my bad English, but I speak French normally :laff: . After the discovery of this HL-mod, (that I very liked :) ) I will like to have some precise details on certain things. Version: Full 32 bits on Steam - When I want create a server, it puts an error with...
  14. Optimus Prime

    How do you eat your french fries?!

    Well, I jut sat down and ate myself an excellent poutine, while simultaneously browsing the forums, and I thought to myself... do other people like poutine? So out of curiosity, how do you like your fries, plain, salt and ketchup, vinegar, chili fries or something else?! Share with the world...
  15. G

    Released rmf file of my map

    I read someone would like to see rmf files of esf maps I would appriciate comments from the more expirienced mappers around :p so my future maps will be better
  16. S


    how can I make good hairs on Milkshape 3D ?? Someone has a tutorial ?? Pleaz help me Sorry for my bad english 'cos I'm French :D
  17. A

    A German Esf Page

    Ok my english is so bad but i try to make it good :) Ok i am a great fan from esf beta and we play it every second And now i start the make a german esf page! is that a good idea? i think so we have much more players !not only english ssj :) but i need a little bit help to...
  18. B

    French version

    excuse me for my english im french fan of Dragon ball (z) (gt) and i wonder if its possible to make a french version of this excellent mod ? and there will is a story mod inside the futur version of esf?
  19. B

    French question

    Boujour g des petite question car je c po si g la version la plus ressente car deja le hub du jeu nest po le meme que ds les screen du site en plus g des perso buguer ou je ne voi po leur aparence je nest aucune transformation et bou na po de teck il ma manque des map ossi aparement esque que...
  20. S

    hello french problem

    hello i m french abd i don t speak very well english it s more easy for me to creat a new topis thane recherhce on the forum my question is this one is it normal to gohan krilinand buu have no skin ???? and can i dl custom things for esforces ??