1. B

    Mastering Super Saiyan Forms

    Hey, as you know the first time you obtain a new transformation it'll be harder to control than the baseform in dbz and in the upcoming Esf: Final but i was thinking about something. What about creating the ability to master the super saiyan form just like goku and gohan did in the hyberbolic...
  2. hleV

    LSSJ Broly Forms' Drawings

  3. TigerGEO

    SSJ Forms Spirit Bomb LOL

    O_o lolz I just saw spirit bomb on the attack list of all ssj goku forms on the latest ESF 1.3 openbeta_2/04/07:
  4. G

    Uchiha Sasuke - maybe + all forms later

    Strated this guy up, not a big fan of it but meh Naruto screamed for his friend planned to texture it too, stay tuned
  5. T

    The Details of the Super Saiyan Forms

    I've seen many websites spread crap about what they think to be the requirements/details of the different Super Saiyan forms. This thread is to let everyone state their own opinion about what are distinct details, and what aren't. First off, I don't thing the electricity surge around the body is...
  6. Shuyin

    1.3 ascension and final forms [small suggestion]

    Ok so we'll have the ssj > ssj2 > ssj3 transformation line. But what about the ssj straight to ssj3, and other transformation skips? I remember talk of the various ways and buttons it could work with...and then i thought about the double tap swoop. Single press Z - Transform to Next form...
  7. S

    ultimate forms

    I was playing with gohan and got 3,000,000 ki (non ssj) but i wasnt able to transform into my ultimate form. Any ideas?
  8. RoshkoMasta

    Master Roshi Wip(all forms)

    originally I wanted him just to look like a pimp now that I c how noob I am I just try to model him for seriously speaking of which (oposite) :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: all forms ha? well we'll see about that I was doing it after I spent a whole night studying for some very "interesting"...
  9. J

    all forms goku! (another one?)

    ok heres normal goku, im not looking to change the model AT ALL but i do need advices on skinning or someone to skin it...
  10. Almighty_Gir

    all forms goku! (another one?)

    ok heres normal goku, im not looking to change the model AT ALL but i do need advices on skinning or someone to skin it...
  11. Super Veggeto

    Gohan all forms WIP

    as you can see this is adult gohan in his blue training gi, im gonna make another 2 versions with goku's gi and with the tournament (saiyaman) outfit. for each outfit ill make all 4 forms: normal ,ssj ,ssj2 ,mystic... you cant tell much from normal and mystic but then again im going by the...
  12. M

    goku forms normal ssj ssj2

    So bored, I don't know why, so I decided I could use some good crits on my goku models. The ssj hair is a bit spread out because I was following my reference that had the hair kinda wavy and spread out, but I plan on changing it later on. SSJ2 is just some strange edit of the ssj hair, which I...
  13. Super Veggeto

    Goku all forms WIP

    as you see the body is taken from my vegetto model...but anyway the vegetto was ment to be goku and then i mixed it up and......umm.. anyway, crits are welcome.
  14. O


    Like I said, this isn't me asking for more transforms, I'd like to say that I do want it, but I think ESF team has lost the a good way! Probably alot of you haven't heard about the Evolution Mod (EVM) found at ...if you can read the site! I sure can't! It's...
  15. B

    the player forms

    are there any plans to make forms like super syain 2,3, and 5 or kid buu?
  16. P

    hmmm what about .... more forms ?

    hmm i mean ... like all ssj goku and vegeta can go ssj4 and oozaru what do you think of oozaru... and golden oozrau all the forms but hlaf sayian like ghoan .. can go till ssj2 .... or cell till super perfect cell ... and buu al his forms .... and some thing more what about stats save i mean...
  17. L

    Cooler Model

    i've deciced to try a cooler model but cant seam to find any good pics of him.. can any of you post any if you got them... or post any sites that a lot of pics of him? thanks a lot.
  18. D

    buu 7 forms ?

    Hi u guys do u think that all the 7 forms of buu are coming in to ESF what would be the powerlevel then O_O and are goten and trunks be in beta 2 .. looks fun for me. and pan would she come in a version of Esf. and when does beta 2 comes out. :talk: sorry for all the quistions but i wanted to...
  19. SSj Goten

    Model Request

    Ive Tried Making A Kid Trunks Model Like 2329018313246198 Times and Can Someone Make Me A Model Please?I Want SSj and Normal Forms :tired: Id Love a Chibi Trunks Model ;D
  20. S


    Seriously this is a very cool mod for Half-Life, it is amazing. I would like to know if you will, later, build some different transformations, for example for Goku SSJ2, SSJ3 and SSJ4. And what you use to build this game.
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