1. M

    Forms down

    I dont know if any one els had the same problem as me, but the EsF site and forms were down for about 10 minutes, does any one know what happend?
  2. AscendantSaiyan

    Forms - From the Interview

    From the interviewwith SS_Vegetta is it obvious to anyone else that there will be more than 1 transformation for a few if not all characters. And on a side note whats your highest PL u've had in a ESF match - mine is 26,000,000+ on a LAN fight then ESF crashed.
  3. M

    Friezas forms

    heres hsiu forms quickly befor i forget form 1 (hes in the chair) form 2 (he loses his armor grows 2 inches) form 3 (gets aloguht bigger and has horns) form 4 (he has a REALLY big head and long sticky things) form 5 i think form 5 is his last form weres hes smaller and strong and theres...
  4. S

    Damn You Vassago And Ss_vegeta!

    arg, those models are just too damn good, AHHHHHHHH!!!.... /me bangs head on wall **note** this is not a flame or insult, just a compliment :)
  5. A

    no more doubles

    Yo, i think u should really consider this idea all right here... i think people should be able to change they're players color in this like in normal Half-Life heres sum examples... you could have some gokus with a black (or ne color) Gi and brown skin, or pale skin or sumthin or...