1. Z

    my first bryce picture

    well i see every1 else is making them so i decided to.. <img src=http://home.nc.rr.com/majins/bryce.gif > its my first so u might not think its good , & even i think the name i made for it is *** but thats what it looks like lol EDIT: okay i forgot to say i edited it in photoshop some...
  2. DBZFever

    Your favorite dragonballz quote

    My favorites are Gohan: "Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is a neccessary step to saying hello again." Vegeta: "Welcome to the end of your life, and I promise it will hurt." My fav, i dunno why: Vegeta: "Kakorot, when you wake up, it will be all over. I may be gone, but this...
  3. D

    whats your favorite person(s)?

    the title says enough.. whats your favourite person(s) and why? i have 2. vegeta because he got final flash and that attack is powerful i think. Buu, because if he's evil buu he is VERY fast and the mouth blast rules against peeps who are hiding and sneaking
  4. Rebirah

    Favorite Punk Band

    Who is yalls favorite punk band? I like all on the poll :P Mostly CKY, MxPx and Box Car Racer. I also Like Simple Plan but I can only put 10 things
  5. A

    whos YOUR favorite character in ESF

    vote for your favorite character
  6. Eon

    Favorite Metroid Suit?

    Which is your favorite metroid suit?
  7. X

    Your Favorite Bebop Session?

    I was watching Bebop on CN the other day, and I began to think how I wished more Episodes had to deal with Vicious, Since well, most episodes have nothing to do with the storyline at all :p So I was wondering which one is your favorite Cowboy Bebop. Explain why :p Mine are- Balld of...
  8. W

    We have the technology, we can rebuild esf_mid...

    Since I didn't hear anything on the other thread I mentioned this on, I figured I'd post it to the main Mapping forum instead of just Help, and see if anyone notices it here instead. :-) Yes, that's ESF_Mid, everyone's favorite checkerboard map, in the process of being rebuilt as close...
  9. D

    i want to skin does anyone has a GOOD model

    does any one have a GOOD model that we can use for esf, that i can skin it. i am very bored
  10. Cold Steel


    there's this map called afc_namek i can't get it to work you dl it from www.redsaiyan.net if the creator would be so nice to tell me why it isn't working i will loose my bad mood cuz the map looks pretty good
  11. Angel_Sephiroth

    Favorite Dragonball/Z/GT episode

    I was just wondering wich dragonball episode is everybody's favorite? Because I hear everyone talking about all these episode's I just started to wonder. mine are "Another Super Saiyan?" and "Gohan goes to college."
  12. V

    favorite brand of shoe

    whats your favorite brand of shoe im thinking of getting new shoes buut cant decied
  13. G

    Favorite Half-Life mod.

    *EDIT* What is your favorite first-person shooting Half-Life mod?
  14. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!! with poll lol

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  15. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!!

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  16. Chitenga

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    Sorry i was bored..and i dont know any video game quotes so i made this for fun!Post as many of your favorite movie quotes as you remember! Kung Pow: "I got some butter for your popcorn,and its non-dairy."-Master Tang "Ahh Taco bell,Taco bell,Pruduct placement with...
  17. G

    what are your favorite Video Game quotes?

    Post your favorite Vidoe Game quotes and what game there from. You can post up to 6. and if it's a speacial quote, put how you get it. 1. "ARGGHHH!!!! the tip of my nose itches!!!" - Laguna from Final Fantasy 8 (about to battle, they told him not to move) 2. "ARRGGHHH!!! my back itches!!!"...
  18. Vegeta's Briefs

    Favorite anime characters

    I notice a lot of people will say "Favorite anime", and all that stuff, but you never learn who they like in it. So name all the characters you can think of, you can edit your posts, and just go down the list. You don't have to explain why, but let's just compare, shall we? BTW, don't be...
  19. Jakut

    Who is your favorite DB charakter??

    Who is your favorite DB charakter?? Mine is Tien:laff: