1. SierraSonic

    Explosion Push

    Ok, Im tired of getting hit by these HUGE ASS BEAMS, and then acting like nothing happend. I suggest this, if a beam hits you... 20% - 40% You get pushed back 10 - 30 feet, you dont lose any charging or anything. 50% - 70% You get pushed back 50 - 30 meters, some attacks that require...
  2. Z

    swoop blocking? and new explosion idea?

    I think it would be awesome if you could hold block while swooping and attempt to fling ki balls and small beams away while doing so (like 50% chance?), all other attacks would just blow up on them, and it would have no affect to melee attacks (i.e. head to head strikes). Just think it would be...
  3. K

    Dust after a large explosion?

    What I Really want to see is dust after a particularly large explosion - like in the series, adding a huge series feel, and boosting game play, and another reasons to block:]
  4. Cold Steel

    Another explosion idea!

    I would like to see a lot of dust or smoke with the explosions like in the series.This way you can surprise someone when the smoke hasn't cleared up yet.And looks very roxorz!
  5. MR GUMP!!

    Maximum explosion radius

    Well i was thinking, and i think it would be a good idea to have a maximum explosion radius on each atack. for example, a kamehameha could never have a larger exploion radius than (lets say 200 feet), where a Final Flash could never have a larger explosion radius than (lets say 350 feet)...
  6. MR GUMP!!

    New Explosion Idea!

    Well I was playing Ground Control lately and i just noticed how buitiful the exposions are, and how simple they are. Basically they are all composed of 2d spirtes aranged in a 3d fasion. If u guys do not know what im talking about ill post some screen shots. Another thing, It would rock if...
  7. J

    explosion bug

    I was playing a game with bots today, I had played it for a while as Vegeta and my powerlevel had reached about 84,000,000 and my beam explosions were really big. I got bored and decided change my character and as you know, when you change characters there a significant decrease in powerlevel...
  8. DJ-Ready

    beam explosion size bug thingy ...

    ok, dunno if this is already posted, but when i reach high poerlevels (around 100000000, then it happens sometimes that the "explosions" of the beams are realy tiny, smaller then a player, even if its full charged ... and i can hit anyone with a beam then ... just melee can hit peoples then ...
  9. MR GUMP!!

    Explosion effects

    Well i thought that the explosion in beta 1 could be make to look far more intresting by adding a small particles system when there is an explosion. Like add some dust and lots of debree that flies out depending if it comes in contact with the map, similar to when ur close to the ground and u...
  10. S

    Ma ki attack sprite

    yo guyz i made this sprite ya see a ki attack Click da button i would like to here ya opinion...
  11. M

    desperation suicide explosion attack

    how about, when you get extremely low on life, like 25 or under or even 10 or under, you can do a vegeta vs buu style explosion, where your remaining energy and life + a little are instantaniously released, little or no charge time. The damage being proportional to what you have left maybe?
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  13. S

    Saiyan Explosion Banner WIP

    What do ya guys think? Its going to be the main header for my upcoming site. Nothing special at the moment since I'm short for time. This took exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds (No joke, I timed it) It'll still be worked on but for now I like the way it looks. Feedback Please!
  14. SierraSonic

    Explosion Idea

    Onstead of an O radius make the be explode forword. More like a side ways v. Beam Size: Shooting -----------------------o Beam Size: Exploding old ----O Beam Size: Exploding new ----====+++OOOO(fade out) I think youll get it.
  15. H

    ANOTHER COOL explosion story

    I was fightign someone at my server. I was GOku and he was vegeta. I was very powerful and he had just joined. I powered up my kamayama and he fired his final flash at full power. we collided and his beam at first raped mine and pushed me all the way back till i was a cem. from death. Then i...
  16. B

    The Ultimate explosion

    I MEAN OWE......me and my brother was on a LAN on ESF and We both had about honestly 10mil each...i was Vajiita and he was Gokuu...... i fired Final at him and he fired Kame wave >>>>>>>>( ) ( )<<<<<<<<<<<<< Kame Final...
  17. S

    Best Explosion Ever!!!

    Not sure it was becuase I had set the gravity really high but me (Gotenks007) and my friend (Nightshade) were both goku. We had almost exactly 3.2mil energy and fired a kamehameha wave which stayed right in the middle until our powers ran out. Now mine ran out first so the energy slowly moved...