1. Hyper Chi Aura

    Where to put the Old Explosion file

    I got the bubble liek explosions from 1.1 from this Blackraven thing, it's a .rar fiel but I dont know where to put it for it to work in the game
  2. Ravendust

    Explosion Physics

    Hey I was wondering if there was any plans to add player physics to respond to explosions. Like if a kamehameha explodes in your face the explosion should push you back, similarly if something explodes on the ground near you and the explosion damages you, you should be thrown about a bit, fall...
  3. imkongkong

    favorite explosion look

    from alpha 2.0 to beta 1.1 to now, which type of explosions did you like the most? for me, i loved the alpha 2.0 look.. it would have those light streaks coming out from the ball, and sometimes if it was powerful enough and big enough, that monsters exploding radius would grow and grow...
  4. D

    The new explosion...

    will the new explosion sprites will have an effect on the fps?
  5. M

    Beam Explosion size bug

    Im using steam version here.. if you charge up any beam (i used generic) and fire it, then press console, and exit console like 3 seconds later, the beam explosion will APPEAR to grow larger and larger until it grows beyond the map itself... It doesnt affect gameplay at all. I have...
  6. CM

    New POTW - Explosion

    Well, in my opinion it looks sexier than the alpha explosions. We dont know how it looks like animated though.
  7. R

    Explosion bug

    I'm not sure if this is a bug with the game or what, but if an attack gets too powerful, the resulting explosion will surround the entire map and be stuck there for a minute or so, causing lag as long as you see it. (You can face the ground and it won't lag, but what are you going to do while...
  8. R

    Explosion encompassing entire map

    Every once in a while, an explosion from a beam gets so big that it encircles the entire map and stays there for several minutes, causing major lag. Any way I can stop it or get rid of the explosion without dying or waiting? For information, I use Software mode.
  9. T

    No explosion for weak enemies

    They'll get splattered as the beam goes through. Like the anime, so the beam continues so it doesnt explodes in your face. May be a bad idea, but also a good idea ;)
  10. T

    Final Explosion

    The budokai 2 vageta model i skined it, put black line, and cellshaded, also i put the face more littleas the real majin vegeta.
  11. X

    Explosion or Fireball?

    Does this look more like a fireball or an explosion. Whatever, critz please.
  12. C

    Explosion Knock back

    I haven't been here in a while but i have a suggestion ive been thinking about. When lets say a vegeta with a pl of 3,000,000 shoots a gallit gun at two people....one is a goku with a pl of 2,500,000 and the other is a Krillin with a pl of 950,000. Well the gallit gun hits and because of...
  13. F


    Hey All I have found one thing wrong with this mod... After playing it for over 2 years we need some changes... Now if they have been sugested im sorry... 1) Vegeta - Yeah ppl say he's overpowered, but his ki shot sucks, Im expecting to melee someone and fire a dozen ki blasts into...
  14. M

    Explosion Block Struggle

    Ok here me out first this is my idea: At the moment if you are blocking and a beam is detonated before it hits you etc you take damage from the explosion, what is sugest is a struggle with the explosion. it will be the same as a block struggle but the blast will not be able to be increased so...
  15. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse Explosion Pack !

    These new explosions glow ;) Heres how the animations look ... D\L: HERE! Also this pack replaces all the explosions ... not just the dball and blue one :laff: enjoy! Comments plz!
  16. RaNger

    Advanced Explosion effects (simple)

    Ok, this is just something I have thought about since I first saw ESF. The current ESF explosions, as far as I know, use HLs sprite system very similar to the blast wave effect (when Apaches crash, or from Houndeyes). The explosion, to me, doesn’t look very… explosion like, much less, like...
  17. S

    Explosion Blast Back

    I dont kno if this has been suggested but when u either go Super Saiyan or Any transformation the huge Powerlevel which is relised form ur character should blast enemies back even if they r blocking with in a small radius to stop people from camping next to u and waitign foru to transform then...
  18. S

    Explosion idea

    well, i had this idea, u know that when beams explode, u see sum big translucent sphere, but to make it more realistic, i thought u can have 1 sphere inside another, like the explosions u get for the multi power struggles, i think it'd look better like that.... just a thought
  19. Alex_b77

    bs explosion too big

    i was playing esf today (I was goku) and i was ssj. My pl was only at 4mil. Anyway, i went into turbo and shot a generic beam at cell and of course he blocked. The power kept building, and at the end, the explosion covered a quarter of the map! (esf_guru.bsp) A quarter of the map? With...
  20. T

    BS/PS Beam /No Explosion Bug

    Sometimes when I am PS against someone who is PS or BS against my beam, and I use all of my ki up the beam just keeps going until it hits the edge of the map killing the other person. Problem is that the beam doesn’t explode because it appears to stop moving and I am still attached to it...