1. G

    Can you change experience rate ?

    Hi all. I would like to edit how much experience/power increase you get when you hit/kill some one to make my games a little faster. Not sure if how easy that would be to edit ? Thanks for any help and sorry if I asked in the wrong section. Cheers.
  2. Boogyman93

    Anyone with experience in editing UE3 Engine.ini files?

    I noticed that all Unreal Engine 3 games that I have (Mass Effect 1 and 2, UT3, Gears of War) have an Engine.ini file that can be easily modified to improve the games graphics. So I did some research on what to change from False to True and values to change in order to improve the shadow and...
  3. Deathshot

    Deathshot's Vegas Experience

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt3w2QfVFyU This was just a test to see if I could do stuff like this. Will be posting more soon.
  4. Optional

    Hi Def ESF Videos

    So I'm going to try to upload at least 1 video a week of ESF videos. I feel that the lack of high quality ESF videos by people with experience on Youtube is an issue. Here is my first submission (720p available via non-embedded video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxQWajzfX-A Subscribe or...
  5. Barney

    Halo 3 experience system

    Does anyone else find their exp system extremely flawed. Prime example: even though I lost one match tonight I racked up 29 kills, almost double that of the kill leader on the other team. Guess what? I lost an exp point. Basically, it's bull**** that the only exp dished out is when you win a...
  6. -Origin

    The XBOX Live Experience.

    Anyone got the new update? I'm loving it. It's a lot faster and streamlined than how it was before. ^^ Discuss.
  7. M

    Xbox eXperience

    Source: http://majornelson.com/archive/2008/07/14/some-of-the-features-in-the-new-xbox-experience-8-person-chat-vga-plus-more.aspx
  8. Nuttzy

    my guitar hero 3 experience, redux

    im sure some of you remember my previous thread in which i boldly declared :it sucks" well if you had asked me 2 days prior i would've gladly retracted that statement, the game did pick up but i was playing the ps2 version not one of the "next-gen" versions. So early this morning, i woke up with...
  9. L

    Plot-Holes in movies that take away from the experience.

    Spider-Man 2 Why does Doctor Octopus feel so compelled to throw a car at him only lead to the location of Spider-Man? Sure Peter is Spider-Man but he didn't know that. Ocean's 11 When they send up the dummy bags that they put in the van and have flyers for hookers in them, where did the...
  10. X

    A ques. for someone that has a lot of experience with cable modems.

    I've been using a wireless router for a good while now and all it does is screw with my client-made servers ;( . I have a cable modem and i was gonna try to hook two cable modems instead of using the router. And before i wasted my money on another cable modem i wanted to see if anyone here had...
  11. DracoHeart

    Experience Level Suggestion...

    It would be good if there is an EXPERIENCE BAR..... Instead of each hit on the enemy, you gain additional PL. You got a fixed BASE PL. Each hit and damage you do on the enemy let you gain some experience... example every 10life gone from the enemy= 10experience for you.... and whenever you...
  12. T

    gt chibi goku turning ssj4

    tired of being with the same sound of a little child when chibi goku turns ssj4. well get happy ppl because me and ultra have just done it we are making two sounds for goku heres a pic of model when transforming.
  13. TehMuffinMan

    Tein... Release!!

    woohaa! fnially spin found the file i sent him a while back.. anyways, this pack contains well... an amazing model and skin of tein,trunks shadow's really good at modeling and skinnning, lets hope you can be amazed at his model too! The pack also contains some sounds me and morrane did a...
  14. B

    now something completely different

    more pics here first of all, dont be sad or dissapointed, im still working on the android pack, but in the meanwhile im still working on the mods im in ... this is a 30's mob guy called charlie :p, hes the first model of the WiseGuys mod for HL2 (originally for ut2k3 but we find the hl2...
  15. S

    Waterfals, Fog And Other Cool Stuff

    Ummm I just started getting the real hang of mapping in hammer editor and was just wondering if anyone could give me pointers for fog and waterfalls, waterfalls especially. also i dont know if im allowed to do this if not tell me and i wont do it again but im starting a mod and if anyone wants...
  16. S

    Screenshots & Images Hosting - Free

    Hey Guys, I have my own company, the server that holds the web-site can hold an unlimited amount of MB's, so if you have a hard time finding web-space to put on your screenshots and model images, I'd be glad to help you guys out... WHY ? Cause everytime someone is presenting a new good model...
  17. Cheeto101

    Question about FB sprite

    Hmm just a question, but is it possible to make trunk's FB sprite look any thing kinda like a mini spirit bomb (i mean not exactly like, itd be blue and have the kinda tail effect thing). Play any of the snes games with the fb to figure out what im talking about. I have no experience with...
  18. Ryoko

    Your best/worst esf experience

    Well with me its basically all bad because of my ping. I never win in a head on swoop and always have to try and wither hit people from the sides or use beams. Too much for my lil 56k :( I don't think i've ever had a good playing experience, but again this is because of my lag. Maybe with the...
  19. dudeman

    my first 3D Studio max work

    hello every1 saturday i got 3D Studio max and immediantly started expirimenting.. now i made some small animations and i put them togheter in a movie.. here it is: Click to see them! not bad for 1 and a half day 3d studio max experience eh? comments here plz :D
  20. Q

    New Portfolio Layout....

    Well i decided i'd make a portfolio site for myself so i spent the better part of this morning (about 2 hours) putting this one together is photoshop. I really think it turned out well but i can see places where I am going to have to tweak and move things around and I'm gonna have to add a...