1. S

    Modeling is HARD!!

    Well, i found a tutorial, got 3ds max, and started modeling using the Box idea.... you guys will probally laugh at me, and im not here to show me GREAT model...... just to say that the people who atleast make it look like a model, are hard workers, and they got my respect ;D This is...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Just A Start

    I finally got around to messin' around with Photoshop (I've never used it before, all my previous experience was with Paint Shop Pro) & I made something! Heh it's the first thing that i've made in Photoshop that looks decent. I got the pic about 5 months ago, I don't remember where I got it...
  3. R

    These one guys...

    Well... my modeling program messed up, and now my cd is too messed up to reinstall anything, so I figured I'd give a shot at drawing and computer coloring... yay http://www.lcvalentine.com/chewy/guno2.jpg peace
  4. I

    I r Noob

    Yea im a noob with art, but im working on it, in your guys opinions what is better; photoshop or paint shop pro (i like photoshop, but i need some pros and cons), btw, this is my first post with esf forum :]
  5. K


    go to www.dodmod.com and look on the front page that is how good half life skins can look!!!, someone make it like i can be
  6. Styles

    Near Death Experience

    I thought that this might be a decent idea but hey thats my opinion: I watched the episode in the Frieza Saga the other day where Frieza goes to his 4th form and Vegeta gets frightened and he gets Krillin to attack him so that his life is hanging on by a thread then when he gets healed (finally...
  7. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Can you show me some DBZ skins made by milkshape3d???

    I ever wanted to make my own skins so i downloadedmilkshape 3d but i don´t know how to create a model. Can you help me and can you show me some of your models made by milkshape 3d ????????? please. How did you do the nose and the eyes?
  8. M

    how to?

    i'm interested in creating some skins for ESF. i've got a lot of experience in photoshop so i'm sure i can manage creating something decent. can anyone direct me to some programs/sites that i'll be needing? (ex. model viewers)