1. Mkilbride

    [CVG] CoD: Black Ops has 'best game ending ever' - Guinness World Records

    http://www.computerandvideogames.com/335579/cod-black-ops-has-best-game-ending-ever-guinness-world-records/ http://youtu.be/35TbGjt-weA
  2. M

    Operation Iraqi Freedom Officially Ending

    Here's an excerpt: Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100819/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_iraq_americans_head_home Discuss.
  3. The Deco

    Bardock movie ending, space frieza ship map suggestion

    Before Frieza killed all the sayians and there planet theres that scene in space with Friezas ship, I think its got awesome potential for a map. I'm suggesting same concept of this map like when that map was Budukai Tenkaichi 3: Planet background, lots of deep space, Frieza's ship in the...
  4. L

    I Am Legend (Alternate Ending)

    http://www.worstpreviews.com/trailer.php?id=568&item=7 Hrm I think this is alright I guess. I think the chick being in the movie just ruined it either way though, what're your thoughts?
  5. H

    scenario of world ending

    which one is possibly happan in the future? which one will definitely destroy the humanity in near future? 1. climate change(day after tomorrow seires, vocano series..ect) 2. A.I. rebel(I robot, terminator series, metrix series, battle star series.) 3. biohazrad crisis&deadly desease(romero...
  6. Rayos

    Ending themes *Best, Worst, Classic*

    It is a poll but i don't want to leave out any so i'll just edit this post constantly with how many think it is a good ending. I don't know about you guys but almost every Inuyasha ending i listen to seems like an old fashion anime closer. Makes you feel like the story is over and that you...
  7. M

    Best Opening and/or Ending

    Which anime have you seen do you think has the best opening and/or ending?
  8. U

    resident evil 5 is a tragiddy ending

    after resident evil 4's over, ashley graham didnt make escape, than she's become bosses in re5. why isnt it been a happy ending? i wonder why could leon make escape him self like coward? this is the pic.....
  9. ~*Logan*~

    And I thought Mahoromatic's ending was bad

    How can such a light-hearted anime go so wrong? I mean, Lain is an example of a show that made no logical sense from beginning to end. But I saw Mahoromatic a long time ago and until the end, everything was fun. Now...here comes Evangelion. I don't want to spoil it for everyone, but I'll have...
  10. D

    looking for jin and kazuya ending movies from tekken 4

    (if you asking) i wont buy this game for two "phathetic" ending movies....
  11. Chitenga

    KOTOR2's Lightside Ending [SPOILERS! SHIELD YOUR EYES!]

    Im gonna leave a big space for thouse that have not won the game: Now, i won kotor2...
  12. RavenTrunks

    The Halo 2 Dissapointed ending.

    So you think Halo 2 has a crappy ending? doesnt explain what happens there? just cuts off without notice and doesnt explain anything? Well beat it on Legendary, THEN you will see that the ending isnt so bad. ive seen a few guys here saying how horrible the ending is. Well from Easy to Heroic...
  13. K


    Hey... I just wanted to know, if anyone saw all of dbgt or maybe just the ending. What the heck did it mean?? The shenlong decides to leave i understand but why did it take goku wit him??
  14. S

    Dragonball English Ending Theme

    Does anyone know where too find the Dragonball English Ending Theme?, it goes something like this : "Be as brave as you could be.... a child like love.... make your dreams come true......magic could happen to you....."
  15. Optimus Prime

    28 Days, teh second ending?!

    I didn't even see it the first time around, but I now it see it advertised in the papers, with the alternate ending after the credits, so terrifying it will haunt you for days. Was it a good movie in the first place? And has anyone seen this, second ending?
  16. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Never ending PS/BS

    I know there already is something about never ending struggles with bots, but this is something else (even if I also tried it just with bots) If you are in a PS (probably BS too) with somebody and this somebody leaves the game, you are still in a PS/BS against nobody. The only thing you can do...
  17. -ThrillKill-

    Ending the game?

    Before I begin, I would like to make it perfectly clear that I did not search to see if this topic was already brought to light. I do not care if you think I should have searched for this before posting it, as I prefer to word my suggestiong in my own way rather than reading what someone else...
  18. K

    Ending Of Eva?What goin on?

    Ok, I just watched Eva. I was totally confused when I was watching the ending. Who send the last angel? Where did angels come from? What is the commander really trying to do with the evas and adam. WTH? Is the whole story about how the father wants his son to realizes that no one hate him...
  19. S

    BS's ending when you hit a wall

    I'm trying to figure out how easy it would or wouldn't be to make a beam or ball or other blockstruggle not detonate when you're pushed into a wall... I understand not being able to move backwards would make the force harder, but that should just give a boost to the opposing end according to how...