1. ~#Revan#~

    Revan vs ESFn00b (Okazaki Tomaya) duel ESF 1.2.3

    just a little video with the best quality i could record in ESF 1.2.3 i know i'm rusty but still a good video i guess i saw in the past... in the very past haha guys that wanted to see a fight throw the eyes of other player that could fight good so i did it kinda late but i did it enjoy it...
  2. T

    Spunkys Duel Mod

    Anyone got this plugin because the original dl link doesn't seem to work. http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?74050-Duel-Mod&highlight=duel+mod I found this source code, compiled and installed. Still it returned error so i wonder did i miss some files etc. Has anyone tried this plugin...
  3. Mkilbride

    Duel Mode?

    I dunno, could be a plugin or something; but playing alot of JKA always made me enjoy the ability to have a 1 on 1 fight in a server with alot of people; hiding others not in the fight. Considering the Quake origins of each game engine, I am sure it'd be possible... Basically player 1 goes...
  4. H

    I need a duel gamemode script/ addon

    Hey guys, i want a script of duel. It's sample: is one vesus one, and if the oponent loses, he waits on spectating, and i gain points if i defeat someone. Example: is me vesus opponent (but if i defeat him one time i wins and the loser goes to spectate until your turn)
  5. Spunky

    Duel Mod

    This plugin is designed to allow two players to duel each other. Both players are invulnerable to any damage received by attackers outside the duel, and you can tell duelers apart from non-duelers by a dim white glow surrounding their models. Also, this plugin doubles as a stat tracker. You can...
  6. gildiaswise

    Duel Button

    My idea is to have a button like (J,k) for example to invite player to duel then the player you invite to the duel can push 1 to accept or 2 to decline and then you are in dueling mode. Dueling mode makes it so no one else but your opponent can hurt you. And the duel is over when 1 person dies...
  7. E

    Duel Mode plugin.

    Alright, it's been a long time since I have last posted here. So after some time I have decided to come back.. Anyhows.. When I was here last I started to learn Pawn and to use it with amxx. I have stoped after I made the adv ssj block plugin.. I couldnt find the time.. So.. here after a long...
  8. sub

    The conclusive duel suggestion thread

    A duel system, similar to that of the game "Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast". Initiating the duel - Initiated by opening up the scoreboard (tab) and right clicking on a players name - Upon right clicking a players name, text will appear on your screen stating "You have challenged (Player name...
  9. sub

    Duel / CTDB mode hybrid

    Idea by Zeonix and Sub Two options. Team based mode or 1 v 1 mode. This can be changed through a cvar or by choosing it before starting a server Team based mode: - Round based mode - 7 rounds minimum, 13 rounds maximum - Teams start on opposite side of map, face each other until only one...
  10. Slofreak

    Duel mode !?

    whell u how about new mode called Duel mode...? In this mode only 2 players can fight the one who dies luses, the one who wins goes on with no time limit the only limit is death. Other players have to spectate and wait their turn. So the melee hits arent so effective acctualy they are so week...
  11. O

    ESF Duel Demos

    I recorded some demos of Marius and me. Since I recorded them myself you will only see my aim cursor. If you still dont know how to view a demo. Place the file in your ESF folder. Open ESF, go to console, type playdemo omni.dem It should start. demo1...
  12. R

    esf_tom duel

    ESF Tom Demo One of my fights on the esf_tom, despite the ridiculous amount of bugs on the map, and my performance was low, i thought it was a good fight ^_^
  13. Spunky

    Gunz: The Duel International Edition

    This game is simply awesome. I'm lost for words right now, after playing this. Go to the site to read about it, and it's features. The only downside to playing this is that you have to hammer the login button to get in (The servers are almost always full on weekends). Go to www.gunzonline.com to...
  14. ~*Logan*~

    Duel Mode

    I've heard enough about people getting pissed off when they are trying to have a 1 on 1 in a free for all server and someone gets in the way by using a beam or attacks using melee as well. So....I got this idea from Jedi Academy. I was thinking that you can have a duel mode. What I was...
  15. VeGeTTo


    i was thinking how about ki blobs to duel spirit bmbs when U shot enought the spirit bmb : -SLows down from it's target(if U shot meny of them she changes course in back) -Gets Empowered by evry evry blob sended :D sry 4 my drowings comment fast
  16. S

    Gunz: The Duel

    www.gunzonline.com pretty nice for a standalone game, and its only a beta.
  17. bapplebo

    Gunz - The Duel

    Awesome 3rd person MMORPG. Screenies: http://www.gunzonline.com/
  18. O


    I think you should add a duel type battle like in star wars jedi knight 2 and jedi academy so that you target a person press a key to challenge them to a duel / battle a message will appear on their screen telling them that you are challenging them if they accept they target you and press they...
  19. C

    Duel system idea.

    The one thing iv always disliked about ESF are the lamers, you know the ones im talking about, usually they play on the "spec" team, so that they can attack anyone in the game.. Then just float around the map waiting for people who are in fights together, then shoots them dead from a long way...
  20. X

    Ice Man, I challenge thee to a duel!

    I am the only abnormal fighter anyone will ever verse. I may look week but my rage is extreme. I am able to steal moves with one hand so don't do anything stupid.