1. D

    not seeing any servers in esf 1.3

    This is weird, I got the message that esf 1.3 is released, so I downloaded the file from, downloaded it, installed it, restart and launch steam and the mod, gone to the servers and don't see any servers at all... are the original server closed down?
  2. P

    How do i open ESF Open Beta: Final?

    Hey guys. I just downloaded the ESF Open Beta: Final.. But theres no shortcut or EXE in the folder.. I installed it over Steam/SteamApps/accountname/Half-life And there is no icon of the Games List either?
  3. T

    help guys just downloaded

    i jsut downloaded esf and i go to join n its al ldiffrent color yellow purple pink black for everything character world land water everything what do i do to fix? yesi have downloaded half life 1
  4. S

    Downloaded esf before half life

    i downloaded esf before i got half life and now that i have it i dont know how to run esf on it i also have the steam one. it asks me what i want to run esf with but half life dosent pop up on the list. even when i browse through my programs
  5. C

    Downloaded Maps

    Hi, I downloaded some new maps from But when I download them they're in rar format, now when I put them into the ESF/MAPS folder and then run ESF the new maps don't show up. Any help would be glady appreciated.
  6. O

    How Do You Put The Stuff You Downloaded (From ESF-World) Into The Game?

    i have wrwar350 and when i save stuff like different kamehameha looks or spirit bomb looks i have these 3 books on my desktop. My question is, how do implement these different looking attacks in the game? I cant figure it out? Any help? thanks sooo much in advance!
  7. W

    Just downloaded version Beta 1.2.3 and it won't let me install

    As you can see, the button for install doesn't work, and when I go to browse and choose a location, the button for OK doesn't work. Anyone know what's wrong? I tried multiple locations so that's not the problem.
  8. D

    help ive downloaded everythin i need but..

    ive got new esf, esf patches ive got steam up and runnin properly but when i click on the shortcut or esf under third party games it takes me to the browse game section ive seen other people with this query and the feedback was useless please try and help me ive even deleted everythin and done...
  9. S


    i just downloaded this and whenever i try and play it it brings me to the browse game sections of steam. i have purchased half life, counterstrike, and condition zero PLZ HELP ME
  10. O

    Help, where do i place the Earth special forces file once downloaded?

    I downloaded the file but i don't know where to place it.
  11. Ultimate Trunks

    Some Models I downloaded have FULL SKELETONS!!!

    Some Models I got from have a full SKELETON! for ESF 1.2 and 1.2.1 beta patch! have a look USSJ Vegeta SSJ3 Goku I also have models of Frieza form 4, SSJ2 Gohan, Trunks better Version, Piccolo with a cape, Vegetto, Super Buu, and more all...
  12. C


    I have downloaded evmmodelpack.rar and evm_client_v1.2a.rar but whenever I double click it it says it is not a valid Win32 application so what file do I put it in to get it working because I want to use models and sprites and go SSJ3 oh and by the way I have version 1.2 for ESF if it does...
  13. The_Forgotten

    Using The Models You Downloaded...

    OK, I know the way how you replace the models you downloaded and then you replace them in the folders, but after I do that and start playing... its the default model, and dont come telling me to rename it cause I did that too...Please help... :( Edit: Just if you were wondering I replaced the...
  14. M

    how do i use model i've downloaded?

    I have downloaded some models but I don't understand how to get them to work in the game
  15. W

    how do i go into eea after i downloaded it

    i downloaded it and the only thing i could find is the activator and i dont get it plz assist me :confused: :confused:
  16. K

    Downloaded ESF but it wont work on steam instead it goes to CS

    I know this can be done because when i first installed steam i got esf... sadly i lost my half life cs key during my move :cry: ... anyways... i want to play esf on steam but the file which i downloaded from this site doesn't work... Everytime i click on the Icon i get CS steam... but not...
  17. G

    please help with using downloaded sprites, models, maps.and a couple other things.

    please help! need a SPECIFIC STEP BY STEP walkthrough for downloading and using downloaded sprites/models/maps. whatever u did to make urs work. most are from also need help with: sometimes game exits esf for no can i stop my resources from running out so fast...
  18. SierraSonic

    Warning: If you have downloaded Sven Co-op 3.0...

    Sven Co-op 3.0 replaces the old fmod.dll with a newer version, ESF isn't going to work with it. Sven Co-op will not work with the old fmod.dll ether. So until ether ESF is updated, don't install Sven Co-op 3.0. If you just have to play Sven Co-op 3.0, and ESF at the same time. Try to work out...
  19. B

    How do I use the models I downloaded?

    Hi! I just dl ESF and got some new models. Could someone plz tell me how to use them? Thanks!
  20. R

    Ummm i just downloaded the beta 1.1 DBZ game but i can't get it to searchs..

    it searchs for the program to run it but never finds it when i click the icon on my desktop...anyone know whats wrong?