1. Mkilbride

    BioWare / EA says they will disable your account / games for negative posts.

    So recently, a user on the BioWare forums left a negative review of some aspects of Dragon Age II. He went to go play it, only to find he was banned from it for 72 hours...for his comments made on the forums. This is out of control these days...I can understand if he did something illegal...
  2. Mkilbride

    Nintendo can disable your 3DS remotely...have they gone to far?

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/108298-Nintendo-Can-Disable-a-Pirates-3DS-Remotely I get it, anti-piracy, but I feel this is a little TO much control over a product you own.
  3. V

    Disable advance melee?

    I know some will say I'm noob for that, but with a *** who just spams advanced over and over and it cant be blocked, like flash flash revolution... every 10 seconds, Or to put it in terms so you can understand the frustration, Its like your dog or little brother is pushing pause every 10...
  4. G

    Power Up Ki Disable

    My idea is to disable powering up the energy but swooping and attacks etc should take FAAAAAAR more little energy. I wanna say that we dont see characters regaining theyre energy in the series except goku fighting kid buu but thats a "special case". You could only regain energy by not fighting...
  5. imkongkong

    Cvar to disable flight

    why not have a flag option to disable flight? after swooping you automatically start to fall. this would be VERY fun i think =)
  6. Ravendust

    Svar to disable kiblobs.

    The suggestion is the title. I'm pretty much fed up of *smack* *smack* *kiblast* *kiblast* *kiblast* *blob'd*. Ki Blobs drain my HP while the other guy just floats there and powers up. They also look odd and have a tendancy not to dissapear and lag up servers when they don't. I only vaguley...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    How to disable Lighting?

    do you know when you shoot a beam or a ki blast, and it lights up the ground? well normally this would amtter, but sicne tis esf... it does whenever it does that, it drops my fps to like 4. how do i turn off the lighting?
  8. ZeroNightmare

    How to disable 'lighting'

    hey, when i play, and i shoot ki blasts or anything, theres light emmitting from ti when it nears mountains or anything, its cool, but it drops me down to like 4 fps... how do i disable this?
  9. A

    Mcafee Internet Security Suite - I Cant disable FW

    Uhh... I've having trouble disabling the firewallthat comes with Mcafee Internet Security Suite 6.0 2004. ... I Cant make my ESF/CS/NS/.. every hl mod server anymore :S .. CAn anyone help me to figure out how to disable it so i can make my server again. No one want to help me?
  10. MysticVegeta

    Scouter disable

    Is there a way to disable the scouter on my server??? :( reason: I want to suprise my enemy . Its more fun if you dont see how strong the enemy is so you can suprise him to go ssj.
  11. C

    how do u disable melee?

    i cant figure out how to disable melee, can u help?:cry:
  12. C

    is there a cvar to disable a key?

    everytime i accidently hit mouse 3 it screws up. does anyone know if there is a cvar to disable it and what it is? thanks!
  13. Nretep

    Disable tripple teleport

    hey team (coders (harSens)) ... I've got a suggestions, too make the ******* weaker ... it's unfair to bind any key with 3 or more (or less) teleports ... I think it's ok to make a lil time difference to teleport ... maybe about 150 ms ... I think this would be ok ...
  14. Nretep

    Disable kill-command

    Hey ESF Coders ... (i don't know if this is only a suggestion ... but the main reason is coding) Is it possible to disable the kill command in console ??? I think it's unfair to suicide when you've got only a few HP left ... A few guys kill self and the other dont get frags ... Others kill...
  15. D

    have it so that ypou can disable certain attacks/characters

    How bout in the next update (when will that be BTW?), have it so that the admins can disable certain attacks, /thinks of no BB or discing/ you can do htta in a ocuple of other mods to so it can be done!
  16. H

    is there ANY way to disable hl mp3 player? it makes me crash

    I really hate this. This happened with the opera before. EVERY time i start to enter a game, this godamned mp3 player spawned from the depths of hell pops up and makes my computer praticly explode. It seems to be that there is NO way to get rid of this spawn of satan. I've gone through all...
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