1. M

    1 year = 0 development. (Fake bullshit)

    In the last entire year, there's been 0 development. They just repost the same models that have been done for years and videos of shit that has been done for years and pretend like they're still doing anything. The mod is dead and never releasing, these people are full of shit, fact. --- edit...
  2. Mkilbride

    EXCLUSIVE: Next-Gen Source 2 Engine Is In Development Meh, I think it's way to much speculation. Valve called Portal 2's version of Source, "Source 2" in several interviews.
  3. I

    Development SVN

    Now im thinking of a thing like using Tortoise SVN the thing is it would be like zeq2 lite revisions.Like we would download with Tortoise SVN and uprade to the latest revision i mean the graphics like in the videos and even the perfect melee so everyone would be happy and you would go on with...
  4. Mastasurf

    ESF Development Openings

    Recent additions to ESF like the particle fx system and high poly maps have called for some new positions on the development staff. This is a great opportunity to work alongside one of the longest standing teams in the mod community. If you're intersted in contributing please read over the job...
  5. Keiha

    It's in development, our first time machine. :O
  6. VideoJinx

    G4A Team In Development

    ok G4A is a team dedicated for making awsome videos.. we have all the people needed except we need 2 more people. A Modeler who could make a model of something here and their nothing too hard... and a spriter.. for transformations effects or w/e effect other members of the team decide what...
  7. A

    Can some one point me in to development?

    can some one show me a web site or just tell me some thing about coding developing and just creating stuff i wana learn to make some thing on my own like flash-games or mini-games or just make some programs or just change something in programs or games i wana learn to mod n stuff can some one...
  8. S

    Game Development Questions

    Hello ESF Developers! I have a couple of questions for you guys, I hope some of you can take the time and answer some of these for me. Well first off, Im in the process of developing my own first person shooter ,with friends of mine, called Target One. Anyways, I just have a small list of...
  9. Ravendust

    Tien Development

    Assuming Tien will be finished in time, how would everyone like his transformations? - Normal Form - Four Witches This is Tien's ascended state where he gains two extra arms for double the punching. IMO this would be good because it's an actual form. But I don't like it because it...
  10. DracoHeart

    Development Progress Bar

    The idea is a progress bar on the development on esf 1.3. Like there will be a bar from 1% to 100% in the homepage Once it reached 100%, they will be starting to release 1.3 :)
  11. Diablos

    Animé character development

    Started thinking a bit more into some of the characters i've done in past pics (one of which i've posted here and a few crappy pencil sketches) and i felt like 2 of them needed a bit of developing, because i think they are pretty damn cool. Here's some links to what i've done so far, the 1st...
  12. @lv/n

    1.3 in development?

    HI! i just went to your new great website and i saw that ESF 1.3 is in development stage... this means that u already working on it? how much progress has been made? plz don't close this thread to keep us informed about your work...
  13. M

    Fanmade Naruto 2D MMORPG in development

    The people over at are designing a 2D Naruto MMORPG. Currently, they're designing their level editor which will make up most of the game, and designing many of the sprites and customisation that you can use to make your character. You will be able to do nearly all the...
  14. Death The Jedi

    Planetary Desctruction FINAL

    Final version. Won't be updated unless someone gives an extremley well thought out crit, and I think what they say will make it look better.
  15. P

    SSJ Trunks Kid CG

    First skin.. First sig.. Now first cg! I think this is becoming a trend \o/ Alright anyways heres the pic.. And my ref pic can be found here Its about an hours work.. Though most of that hour was used to getting used to all the...
  16. S


    Can somebody make a Oozaru and a Golden Oozaru????????
  17. B

    Bojack Movie Trunks Model

    I just saw dbz movie 9 and i was wondering if there was more that one bojack trunks model around i already have one and i was wondering if there were anymore released?:]
  18. Majin Saiyajin

    APE Clan Maps

    Hey everyone. :) I have just finished uploading 2 of the ape maps, that ~{ape}~Bi0 Brolli made, onto the clan website along with NightShade's personal map. :D You can find them in the map section of my site. Here are previews of the 2 ape maps...
  19. S

    keen mapper needed!

    This is a simple request for a keen mapper or mappers to aid me in the development of my game, all nessisary acknowledgement will be given and if all goes well possible fame and fortune for all. this is just a request, for more infomation e-mail me at no OR advertizeing please if...
  20. Skyrider

    only a complain about models.......

    i know that models looking cool and all, but why should they added here if they arent for this mod?!