1. H

    the demo...

    does anyone still have the files i need to watch kai's demo int the thread under this one (Need your opinion ;) ). someone please post them i would also like to see it very much.
  2. Arsenovicius

    demo name????????

    does any 1 knows how the demonames work???answer me plz :talk:
  3. frsrblch

    FEAR MP Demo!

    For those of you still going about your lives as if today isnt a day to celebrate, I should inform you that the MP demo for FEAR has been released. I saw no thread so I assumed it wasnt common knowledge yet. You can pick up the torrent here. Theyve got a direct download too, but my...
  4. Sicron

    Call of Duty 2 Demo!

    Just downloaded it, installing now, looks impressive. download:
  5. bapplebo

    Total Overdose Demo xD

    Been excited about this since reading a preview in PC Powerplay. Its kinda big (around 300mb) for 1 short level, but it still pwns. Link to Download:;4159405;;/fileinfo.html I actually had fun with this, I was trying to jump of a crate and shoot backwards :O.
  6. sub

    Age of Empries III demo released

    They released an Age of Empires III Demo Link - I'm downloading now, hopefully it'll run on my computer o_o
  7. Banana!

    Running the FF7 demo

    I'm currently trying to run the demo (for PC), but every time I open the exe my screen flickers and opens the config window. Everytime I click ok at the config window, it reverts back to the desktop ><. I'm guessing it has something to do with these 8-bit paletted textures, which apparentely my...
  8. CM

    F.E.A.R. SP Demo Tomorrow!

    Who's excited? Singleplayer demo tomorrow, according to IGN. I want to see how the game plays.
  9. D

    Why cant a demo run a mod

    Why is it that you cant play a total coversion mod for a game,using the demo.Is it because that a demo doesnt have all the files so therefore cant run a mod on it,it may be a dumb question but i wanna know for sure.Why cant a demo run a mod?
  10. DeityOfTime

    Demo viewer

    I need a program to view my demos can someone give me the link to dl one? plz!!
  11. M

    Lego Star Wars Demo!!

    Its out ppl, March 11 today!! Star Wars fans DL it here.. enjoy..
  12. Kaination

    City of Heroes demo?!

    Damnit I can't find a City of Heroes demo (like a demo of the game). If anyone can help that'd be appreciated. Only reason I want a demo is because I want to buy the game, but I want to know what kind of game I'm going to get myself into, like if I'm going to like it or not. Please help!
  13. suicidal_maniac

    Empire Earth 2 Demo

    I played it for abit a little while ago. Seems cool to me. Most of the features are in it, but play options are extremely limited. Just post what you think of it. Click here for the demo.
  14. E

    Error recording a demo

    every time a try to record a demo in esf, the weapon bar dissapears and the only thing i can do is melee...any idea's?
  15. 009

    Half-Life Demo Conventer________PLEASE_HELP!!!!!!

    Please help me convent a half-life demo file to wmw, mpeg, avi or any orther edite able files ! and its should be done on a free way... = shall not cost money.. me and some friends made a movie in ESF Need help how to convent demo files... I realy want i so it can be seen on a 'video'...
  16. S

    Demo problems

    i want to make a music video and i noticed thad after i recorded a demo and then watch it thad my charater is gone, it returns when its engaged in a melee fight any help ? thnx in advance
  17. Hash

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Demo?

    WTF?! Where did this come from, i'm searching through fileshack and all of a sudden there is a RCT3 demo? Sweet!! I'm downloading it right now, can't wait to test it out. So I was just wondering if anyone else is excited about the game, and giving them a heads up that its up for a try.
  18. imkongkong

    quake 3 arena demo download

    i have a question.. is it possible to play bid for power with the quake 3 arena demo?
  19. Z

    How do i make a demo i recorded a movie?

    How do i make a demo i recorded a movie? And why is it that when i go to watch them they are crappy?
  20. D

    Demo recording = cant scroll

    i dont know about the 1.2.1 patch, but in 1.2, whenever I was recording a demo I couldnt switch my attacks anymore... was this fixed, or will it be fixed?