1. M

    Problem with thirdperson view in demo playback

    I tried to follow the teams tutorial on movie making by using console commands in demo playback. However when i playback the demo the character i was using is invisible & only came back into view if i typed the command for thirdperson view in the console, also the particle &...
  2. V

    How do I record a demo?

    Hi. I'm new to the ESF scene, and, well, I wanted to record a demo file to send to my friends so that they could play it and see some cool things that I did. But, first off, I know how to record half-life files (type record, then the file name), but how do I play a demo i've recorded? I see the...
  3. S

    Demo probs.. and how to make one a clip?

    when i play back a demo... it dosent show my character. any ideas to fix this? also..what do i need to make a demo a movie clip?
  4. Ultraq

    demo recording!

    i got a problem in a demo i recorded (to convert it to movie!!) i don't hear any sound! and it doesn't display any effects!! why? i can see them while playing .. i set the options to display high quality and all that stuff .. what's the problem with the demo?? and how did you guys record the...
  5. S

    Black Hawk down demo

    Ok all,has anyone else here played the demo for Delta Force:Black Hawk Down?It has to be one of the best demos i have ever played!!It has a large city map like in black hawk down with helicopters u can fly in and humvies(who cant spell:D )and lots of mgs,and the guns look EXELLENT!The best...
  6. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  7. H

    i need help

    ok im used to modeling the MS3d way... adding the verticies... and connecting them to create the faces and walla the model. when my demo of it ran out i dld GMAX... is there NEWAY i can do what i did in MS3d in GMAX cuz i dont feel like learning another proggie and i dont really wanna spend 20...
  8. D

    Making a game demo to a .avi file

    how do u do it?
  9. E

    DBZTLS Demo is Out! :)

    The Dbz the last saiyans is out for download at RTP required for those who want to download it go now :)
  10. Akhkaru

    My Gohan head model WIP

  11. Styles

    Dungeon Siege Demo?

    Any of you guys out there got DS demo and if you do could I have your ip's so I can vs some1?
  12. I

    Goku model.....maybe another fusion^_^

    mon goku model!!!! PRESS THE LINKS!!!!!!..don't be lasy head close up head
  13. A

    Milkshape help

    i juss figured out how to use milkshape 3d and my trial expired SHIT sumone heeeeeeelp in ne way, gimme advice or sumthin i cant find one on kazaa or morpheus :(:(:(:(:(
  14. C

    how do u play a demo?

    so how do i play demos in HL? cause i wanna see some ESF demos i got. pls help me
  15. S

    Best Explosion Ever!!!

    Not sure it was becuase I had set the gravity really high but me (Gotenks007) and my friend (Nightshade) were both goku. We had almost exactly 3.2mil energy and fired a kamehameha wave which stayed right in the middle until our powers ran out. Now mine ran out first so the energy slowly moved...