1. Killface

    World In Conflict Demo The demo version of WiC came out a few days ago. Go download it, its amazing.
  2. Tsunami

    Ace Combat 6 Demo

    is now on XBL! Can't wait to try it out.
  3. M

    Tenchu Demo

    The controls in Tenchu getting you down? Can't figure out how to do any moves because of the crappy control system? Throught trial and error i figured most of them out, the only ones i didn't know from this video were the pipe in the water+body pick up, however i mentioned 4 that he didn't...
  4. Tsunami

    Tomb Raider: Anniversary Demo released!

    First TR remade on newer engine.
  5. Jakut

    Lost Planet PC demo to be released tomorrow.

    Well according to gamespot, the PC version of that game will be released tomorrow. the little add in the middle. Let's see if i can max it out XD
  6. M

    Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Demo Released
  7. Jakut

    Battlestations Midway MP Demo

    Has anyone tried the Battlestations Midway multiplayer demo?? It's t3h awesomeness incarnate. Gets a while getting used to, and if turning all the settings at maximum kills the fps XD But it's worth it, bombing someone never felt better. I'm so getting this game when it comes out.
  8. Spunky

    ESF Beta 1.3 Demo #1

    This is a remake of my original video. I redid it almost entirely (well, the captured footage is the same, but effects and music are redone). This demo shows the new animations, swooping, swoop trails, models, turbo, turbo charging, and transformations...
  9. Rayne

    demo bug

    im sure a few know about this problem, when you watch any demo in 3rd person it looks very shakey... is there a way to fix this?
  10. Arsenovicius

    Avanced Training Demo.

    well after i saw a topic about it..i made a demo. To work this demo u have to do : 1 : Extract the .rar file to esf directory 2 : Lunch game 3 : type in console "Viewdemo" and the demo name. Then in case you can't see the model.. u can type "thirdperson" There you go I d like this demo...
  11. Slofreak

    Need for speed carbon demo !!!

    iiits ooout Need for speed carbon demo is out !!! go get it !!!
  12. SaiyanPrideXIX

    AWESOME BF2142 Demo screenshot!!!

    **** you, EA. Just **** you.
  13. M

    Battlefield 2142 Demo Released for EA Downloader

    Battlefield 2142 is now available to download via the EA Downloader. It will also be uploaded to FilePlanet some time today. I can't wait to see if it will live up to the hype and top Battlefield 2.
  14. Arsenovicius

    Demo errors

    Well i want to play some demo of me.. but when i type to play it it quits teh game and says this : Can anyone tell me what do i need to play that friggin demo ? -__-'
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Fear xbox 360 demo?

    anyone try downloading the demo... i tried and failed, several times. i think it might have something to do with that fact that it is in 2 differant places in the demo listing anyone else have problems?
  16. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Smackdown Vs. Raw 07 - Demo live, and Legends confirmed!

    For those who haven't been following, I've recently read on the IGN forums that Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 has a demo available for download on Xbox360. I hear it's abot 1.1 gigs and I'm under the impression it has tutorials on a lot of the new gameplay systems, including the strange new analog...
  17. M

    Dark messiah got a demo!

    The demo of this wonderful game was released today, i waited in anticipation for it as well, i was disappointed to find out however that the demo was the same thing we saw at E3 minus the cyclops and alot of the abilities, which im not sure why they would do that but it is still very very...
  18. M

    Sword of the Stars Demo

    Anyone play the demo? It's a turn based game where your goal is to conquer the solar system and defeat your opponent (like many other space turned based games). I thought it was pretty interesting and I usually don't play turned based games...
  19. M

    Prey Demo

    What is there to say, i doubted this game and omg i wish i hadn't it rules plain and simple, from the graphics to the gameplay, the AI is what u would expect from People who made doom tho lol horrible, they just kind of stand there and fire ah well, the game itself is awesome. I would love to...
  20. ZeroNightmare

    Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Demo download tell me how it is. my comuter sucks i'm not even gonna try to run it.