1. Mkilbride

    Dear Esther Official Trailer Can't wait to buy this.
  2. G

    Problems with ECX... oh dear.

    Ok, I find this very, VERY odd, and this has happened a lot, mind you. :rolleyes: I've been trying to get ECX working on ESF for a while now. First few attempts had me confused, as nothing had changed in the game, despite me installing ECX into the ESF folder, as my friend, who has an...
  3. -Origin

    Dear Mr. Thompson... gtfo.

    Jack Thompson officially disbarred. He's going to war, people! Gear up! Bwahaha, Bully takes the prize! I had my money set on Vice City though. :(
  4. S

    Arthas my dear, though i spend my days in conversation... please

    If you don't get the title, you suck. Anyhow, I quit wow 2 months back, but I've had problems controlling my urges, so I decided a way I could settle them and get back into modeling would to be design my own Paladin tier, and model it. So I came up with some concepts, finalised one, did a...
  5. Mastasurf

    What to do with our dear forum

    The forum we are running is corrupted. The last backup is from around the time when we moved servers and it would take weeks worth of work to try and merge any new posts with the older backup version of the forum. So we are really left with two options. Which option would you prefer to happen?
  6. ~*Logan*~

    Come slap the dear

    Her ass is good. Yeah. Its another "translated" german song. Like taco Nazi Ducktales or Sexual Mario Supershow.
  7. O

    Um dear god move ur arms..

    Ok this might sound werid but.. umm ermm the model on Vegeta um doesnt move when i double tap strafe right and he blasts to the right he still stands he dosnt sway or anything like gohan does. Or even back sway for forward sway he just stands there as he moves around but everything else is...
  8. D

    Dear Pain

    Dear Pain, First of all, you edited or someone edited that Poll, because i voted yes... and now my vote is not there... hmm... gee, guess your afraid of the outcome that i may be right and you may be wrong? ah well, stay with your old ways... while i enjoy the new. Best of luck being an...
  9. Mr. Satans

    Dear God,

  10. I

    Dear Cuc,...

    Dear Cuc, Me and Engar have decided that you need a little wub in your life, so we went and got you this. We hope you like him. From Engar and Kel.
  11. HaLLiS

    Dear Sig makers

    Hey, i was wondering if any of u talented sig makers out there would b kind enuf to make me a sig. Things i would like on my sig: 1:This picture 2:With the name "HaLLiS" on it 3:Change the Backround to make it a little bit more interesting Cheers everyone
  12. Hawki_ice

    Oh dear lord the bordom

    I gess i havent made any sigs for other people in a wile so i picked someone I knew that had a sig in need of a redo Crytz? Oh and i made this one before i releised that some guy had made Killmore another sig! *EDIT* it was gana be animated but the crappy little vegeta animation...
  13. Mister Satan

    Oh dear what did i miss?

    hey guys sorry about this(this beening slight spam) but i've had the and i lost my fav's and such for about the past 2 weeks and to my horror i when i finally sort out my piece of junk of a pc the news page has been updated so much i've been left behind the...
  14. D

    I know there wont be fusion but please dear god read this.

    with fusion in esf there could be, When you get to a certain level a menu will appear and you can select who you want to fuse in to. A bot will join the server (Wont take up a player space on server) and he will just to fusion dance with you.. You will see a flash then tada you are fused. I...
  15. Skinnerfool

    Is this me or do i see a person taking credit

    found it at brollma's Forum
  16. Mister Satan

    Masenko,Why dear god

    This is my little question here......Masenko...What does it does it do other than suck,please i'll like mature responces to my question,and if you have anything you'll like to say about other beams say so,i'd really like some feedback about what beams you like and what ones you dont...
  17. S


    **Vegito Sound Pack** This is for all the people that have Vegito instead of Vegeta. All these sounds obviously go into sounds/vegeta except bigbang_fire which goes into sounds/weapons. Oh and I also threw in a ss vegito model that I don't think is made yet (models/player/ssjvegeta) Enjoy...