1. omnomnom

    Anyone know where I can watch DB,DBZ, and DBGT online?

    ↑ wesbite? link? ehh? ↑
  2. P

    [wip] DBGT Goten

    Credits: Legs: NED (Future Trunks) Head + Hair: Super Vegetto (Gohan) Torso: CrackerJack (Pikkon) This is a model hackjob/skin edit using the Pikkon/Trunks/Gohan models included in the ECX addon. Can someone help me get this in game? I don't know if each character needs to have their own...
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    Did you see it all DB DBZ DBGT?

    I was just wondering, has anyone seen ALL the episodes of DB DBZ & DBGT? I have DBZ and DBGT on my comp and Dragonball I watched on the TV. So, tell us how much have you seen?
  4. G

    Who PLays Clan DBGT 2 ?

    hey if any of you play this can you help me.... i dont no what to do
  5. ace005


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66_8yuG2TsQ&search=dragon%20ball%20af ok..look at that one.. I saw it once when I was a kid.. Back then I thought vegeta and goku were made kids in dbz, but then i saw the whole series, and that scene never happened.. now, seeing it again after 3 years, i...
  6. U

    DBZ and DBGT Story

    Please create a story mode that can be accessed from the halflife's newgame option. The story should be from DBZ's to the end of DBGT. And Please make the required powerlevel and events. Also make fights bigger in story mode by increasing your's and the storyline opponents defence a lot. It...
  7. A

    What makes DBGT Suck Compared to DBZ?

    I just wanted to know why everyone hated DBGT so much more then DBZ. I myself really don't hate GT.
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    DB-GT Question

    How come in GT Goku cant go ssj3 as a kid, but Gotenks, already a kid, can? I know Goku said something about his small body not being able to hold the power, but how come Gotenks can? Hes just as big as Goku when hes a kidO_o
  9. lust

    t3h dbgt mod >:O

    a friend making a dbgt mod was all askin meh if it should be chibigoku-ss4 and vegeta-ss4 or should one of them go gogeta? heres what he has: BAD NEXT LEVEL GOOD NEXT LEVEL bebi - bebi vegeta...
  10. S

    Japanese DBGT Episodes

    Can Someone tell me where can i Download Full Japanese DBGT Episodes O_o
  11. S


    Does anyone know why Gohan can go super saiyan in GT but in DBZ he turned mystic and couldnt go super saiyan? Also why did they cut out like the first 8+ episodes in the funimation DBGT? I watched the japanese ones and there were all these episodes that were just a flashback in the funimation...
  12. Enix

    Vegeta Reskin, DBGT stlye

    I loved Vegeta's style in dbgt, so i looked at the official vegeta models proporstions and they looked to be the same! But there was a problem, the stupid long hair! So i shrunk the hair and i was hapy but then i encountered another problem, the gloves where too long. So i actually think i...
  13. W

    DBGT models pack!!

    omfg i got great idea that if it gonna be it will be the almost awasome thing that ESF players can get!! my idea is that we make DBGT models pack!!!
  14. C


    what was the better show.... DragonBall excelled in Comedy and had the action Story line 8/10- the show had a good story line and it kept to it without making any big mistakes and another + no plot holes can be fallen into. Comedy 8/10- the unedited version is much much funnier than the...
  15. K


    Hey... I just wanted to know, if anyone saw all of dbgt or maybe just the ending. What the heck did it mean?? The shenlong decides to leave i understand but why did it take goku wit him??
  16. D

    Never Seen DBGT? Now's your chance

    Hey everybody, there's a website where u can download all the DB Series shows and some of the movies, most of them are in english: no warez please The GT's are in english, and the best part is they are free!!!!!! You need Real player, they are in RM. And you need ANTI LEECH. and...
  17. D

    Brolli in DBGT?

    Me and my friend are having an argument. I say Brolli isn't in DBGT, he says yes. I've seen all of DBGT, he hasn't seen any, yet hes trying to argue with me LOL. So just so he can know the truth, is Brolli in DBGT?
  18. N


    Hey does anyone know of a good front veiw pic of vegeta and a nice side view one? I looked and i have Crappy ones thx in advanced.
  19. S


    umm does any one no where to get a USSJ Trunks skin/model? Andin the game i noticed that if u go look at the original models in the players folder there is a ssj2 and a ssj3 model does that mena u can go ssj2 and ssj3 with goku????????
  20. I

    need chibi goku from dbgt

    hey does anyone have a link to a dbgt chibi goku model... i had one but my computer crashed due to lightning and redsaiyan is down so i dont know where to get one... any links or u can just im me at "iceman19847" on aol aim.