1. Zeonix

    Crysis 3

    ::The Dry Stuff:: Developer: Crytek (Frankfurt) Publisher: Electronic Arts Director: Cevat Yerli Lead Designer: Rasmus Højengaard Engine: CryEngine 3 Platform: PC, 360, PS3 Release Date: Q2 2013 ::Overview:: quote:Crysis 3 sees players take on the role of Prophet as he returns to New York...
  2. Mkilbride

    Crysis 3 Singleplayer preview...

    I know I may be alone in stating I liked Crysis 2 better than Crysis 1, but man does Crysis 3 look bad. Boring, generic, plain, no visual style, unlike Crysis 2, even lacks that "charm' that Crysis 1 had. Seems more like Call of Duty than Crysis.
  3. Zeonix

    Crysis 2

    So there are a lot of articles and **** that talk about how Crysis 2 is nothing more than a console port, because it doesn't even come with dx11 blah blah blah. Whatever. I played the multiplayer demo for a bit, was a little worried. Felt a little too much like CoD, and not enough like Crysis. I...
  4. Mkilbride

    Browser based shooter with Crysis graphics? Yeah, it's happening. Co-Op FPS Sci-Fi Shooter, too. Epic.
  5. J-Dude

    Crysis Multiplayer Review/Rant

    Anyone who's been a part of my "buggiest games ever" thread probably can tell I've been playing Crysis again lately. You might also notice Crysis came out in 2007 and it is now 2 years removed from then. Back when I first got the game, I reviewed it's campaign and shared my thoughts on...
  6. J-Dude

    Crysis vs Half Life 2

    I got a copy of Crysis for Christmas this year, and just finished the game last night and have decided to reflect on it a little. Crysis played a lot differently than most games I've seen, to both it's benefit and detriment, though usually more to it's benefit. It let you choose your own...
  7. wheres_

    Crysis very high.

    Are the very high settings in the origional crysis for dx10? And are they just updated lighting/shadows/and shaders?
  8. frsrblch

    Crysis Singleplayer Demo;8895696;/fileinfo.html It's been out for a couple days now, and I've been playing away at it. I'm running it at a mere 1024x768 so I can do high settings with a smooth frame rate, and the visuals are simply stunning. The game crashes when I try to...
  9. S

    Crysis Closed Beta I got in and played it. Has anyone else gotten in?
  10. Smith

    Crysis Closed Beta I got in and played it. Has anyone else gotten in?
  11. Zeonix

    Crysis: You Don't Need a New Rig

    Or maybe you do if your system is dated, but this is fantastic news:
  12. M


    Holy shiat, is all i have to say about this.
  13. KidMan

    Crysis - The New Drug

    My god, Crysis looks awesome..... I want it badly... Comparision pictures from the game to real life: 14 minute video of gameplay: Man, I can't wait for other games to look like this.
  14. Tsunami

    Crysis 14-Minute Gameplay Video

    A Shaky-Cam Crysis demo around 14 minutes in length. All of it is gameplay with commentary by a developer of the game. Features some waterfall action - Sea footage - Destruction footage - Shack destruction footage