1. Vashusa

    Help with animation

    I have been trying to make a model edit from useless resposes trunks with the katana. i took the katana and moved to the sidef trunks belt/body. then i made the animation for him to draw it fom the scabard at the side and from overhead but when i put it in game it cuts off the first 6 or 7...
  2. PiXel


    OOZARU is there hehe we would be make it sooner online it sssj oozaru well i ask my clan leader when he can make a pic muhaha it so crayzy i have to fixed the monster it come soonnnn :devgrin: :devsmile: :devil: ;D
  3. D


    can u use models from esf 1.0 in esf 1.1 beta....sorry for the question....i pretty sure the answer is no...but im it doesnt matter...
  4. M

    New digital painting- Ashes-t1

    I made another digital painting that took me a few weeks. I made it entirely on photoshop 6.0, and i was inspired by my favorite movie {terminator 1 and 2....3 was good, but not as great as the first 2} Anyways, heres the link--->
  5. Death The Jedi

    Crazy Orange Chrome

    Just a little something I made in Bryce
  6. S

    MeTaL GeAr ReX

    Ok i made this model a long time ago and i was going to try and put rex in game... but faild well myself and shijing were talking and were going to try and put him in game but he may look crappy in esf, however i still havnt got round to send him the file(sending it later) the polycount is...
  7. Hawki_ice

    Gohan Goes Crazy Go nutz

    MORE GOHANZ lol Gohan Goku Clothes Mari Gohan (Two armed version) I got Premission for those that dident get that I GOT PREMISSION My bad forgot the download link!
  8. Nuttzy

    strange dream, i crazy?

    ok i was sleeping like always but lately ive been having very wierd dreams, this isnt the craziest one but its the one i had just before i woke up to sit down to write this, (and actually has somethin to do with esf at the end)...
  9. R

    Thank You Modellers :-D

    Well, i'm watching the forums know for quite a while. I know i'm no high-count-poster but i'm following the development at the game and in the forums. And i think it is getting worse and worse. If there is a new thread there is, after some posts, either a post with releasedate asking or spaming...
  10. P

    Vegeta goes crazy?

    can someone tell me a good episode of DBZ when Vegeta goes totally crazy...? ....i want to get some cool pics.... peace
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    Mech Models!

    ive taken up a little project to make a full mech model replacement for the characters. I think its a cool idea, and i hope you guys like it. Here is a screenie of my WIP mech krillin. I still have to skin the mech part.
  12. S

    Crazy People

    I was playing ESF today. It was me and some kid, i think his name was sup knifed, i started kicking his ass. He kept telling me i was a hacker, i told him i wasnt. He then said he was gonna report my wonid. He left like a pussy. If anyone sees someone saying that i hacked in esf, he is a...
  13. Mr.Bugskin

    FirstTime With Bryce

    Well guys this is my first time using bryce and heres mine what i made Click on my profle and go to my site and see the wonders!
  14. Q


    I decided to take a break from making crazy images like insanity syndrome and try something a little different. Its and extremely simple wallpaper but I like it for some reason.
  15. Marauder

    MY first render

    hi all, i made my first after finally getting bryce to emaning to it....just wanted the guys who know about bryce to reply and tell me how to improve and make it better. oh and i didnt add anything 2 it yet, no edits from psp.. so ill post a update later :)
  16. T

    Fitting text to a line

    does n e one know how to fit text to a linr can they give me a quick tutorial
  17. Emeka650

    M.O.D. Gohan skin

    Gotenks is bieng reskinned and gohan is almost done only chest skin is left. and here is a wip of trunks
  18. Mr. Satans

    -=- CrAzY New Pics Fer Ye Guys -=-

    w0000000000000000ttttttttttttttttttage! More pics! <p align="center">
  19. A


    I made up a word! Naturalilty, to go with my new design. or Critz please.
  20. SSFT

    Crazy amount of members

    I clicked on the members link, there are 190 pages of names registered to these forums, and nearly 2/3rds of them have 0 posts, and the remaining 1/3rds of those who do have posts, 2/3rds of them have 1-6 posts! Just thought Id point that out, and since this is an off-topic forum, and this post...