1. |Overlord|

    Windows Crash in Times Square Dam, I wonder who exactly they should put the blame on, themselves for possibly ethier not maknig sure the box was running fine or a error or flaw that we are not aware of in Direct X.
  2. Z

    Fast help please crash!!

    i try to start a lan game and it crash at the console it say:Missing bitmap .... please help me
  3. I

    esf 1.2.3 crash wtf?

    when i play in esf1.2.3 so the game stack just stak how i repeat it? sry for my english =]
  4. C

    Crash; error message

    Hi, I just recently downloaded ESF. I first create a server, then I add some bots. After about thirty minutes, my game crashes and an error message pops up. The messane says: SV_RecursiveHullCheck: bad node number. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this! :( Thanks PS, I think is the...
  5. C

    help me pls (server crash)

    if i play esf 1.2.3 together with evm 2 ... i played arround 1 hour and my game freezes and crashes ... donno what the problem is than since my pc is fast ... 3.2 ghz 256 mb geforce 6800 gt asus 1024 mb ram so i dont get it ... PLS HELP ME
  6. R

    Server Crash :/

    When i start my server, i can play fine for a little time, then it kinda like "Locks", the sound loops and the computer stays there, and nothing helps, and i have to restart my computer... Comp Specs: -1200 mHz -160 GB HDD -32MB Geforce2 MX400 -Newest ESF -Newest EVM -No AMXX or...
  7. J

    Game crash =)

    Hi guys, My esf has been crashing alot, ever since I got it. It happens randomly, whether im playing with or without bots. Anyways, i know you guys need the check list, so here it is: Are you using Steam? -yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? -yes Are you trying to run any ESF...
  8. jjxxxjj

    game crash

    The game starts but in loading it says Mising bitmap font: gfx/vgui/fonts/640_scouterstats text.tga Mising bitmap font: gfx/vgui/fonts/640_mele text.tga And then it closes the game. Could anyone send me these files. Please. :cry:
  9. K

    Game Crash

    Whenever I create a server, I pick my map and fill in my info, I start the server, and when I get halfway through loading, the game suddenly goes back to the main game screen. Could someone please help me with this? Thank you.
  10. M

    Esf 1.23 crash

    i have a problem with esf 1.23..when i start a game with esf,it starts and i can play very well...but after a few minutes,the game crash(the video go to block and the sound too) i must press ctrl+alt+canc and restart the application...i want to know how to play without this...
  11. Hamppu

    FF7 Crash

    ey u guys, i've started playing FF7 trought again once i saw the advent children .. so now, i downloaded the PC version of it to mehh com. trought torrent, and installed . no problem, started playing no problem.. but well it crashed 1 time, but then when i tested it out the second time ...
  12. P

    help, crash!!

    every time i join a server or create my own with bots, there is a message in the middle of the screen when the game starts that says: Remove colored models to play on this server. after about 2 minutes the game crashes.....can anyone help me? :no: :(
  13. P

    Anoying crash

    I have read pretty much everyones problem and still can't find a solution to mine. Everytime i join a sever with no trouble, around about 10-15 mins into the game it jus shuts off..... is their any way of fixing this?
  14. HaLLiS

    Server crash when people join

    As the title says, my server crashes when people join. It didnt do this yesturday and no i havnt changed anything for it to do this. help would be greatly apreciated :yes:
  15. Covernant

    Why does esf crash when ever i play whit bots

    My head is exploding i cant any more its insane every goddamn time when i play whit bots the game crashes and than the sound like repeats like tuu tuu tuu tuu tuu tuu or like kame kame kame kame ...but i cant take it anymore i just want to play esf normal plz some1 help me what can i do that esf...
  16. JM LE FOU


    Hi i start esf on lan create a server play during 10 mins then the game stop and i see an error message :"S-FINDNAME:OUT OF SFX_T" can someone help thanks
  17. Grega

    Server crash

    I observerd that a servercrash happends 70% of the time someone does a SSJ + turbo + Kame beamjump. When the beam is about to explode the server just freezes. I have observed this about 5 times and all the times there was a beamjumper doing what i stated above. Duno if its a ESF bug or just...
  18. I

    mather ****er crash!!!!

    sooooo anoyed!!!!!! when i play in esf or evm server then i crash and the game out,but the server dont crash and all right.....whyyyyyy plzzz why??????????????? ;( this my computer: P.4 2400 memory card:Radion 9550 128 256 Mb Internet WOW 750.... pllz help. sry for my english
  19. M

    ******CRASH BUG******

    ok ive had this problem forever and im starting to get fedup with it cuz time and time again i just gave up playing esf cuz of this. after a certain amount of time the game crashes( in my last game i played i crashed after like not even 5 minutes) and i have this problem everytime but after...
  20. I

    esf crash :O

    why when i play in esf then after 30 min the game crashing!?!?!?!?!? sry for my english :p