Game crash =)

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Nov 10, 2005
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Hi guys, My esf has been crashing alot, ever since I got it. It happens randomly, whether im playing with or without bots. Anyways, i know you guys need the check list, so here it is:

Are you using Steam?

Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF?

Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons?

What game are you trying to install ESF into?

Are you behind a router or firewall?
-HUB, Minor firewall, nothing to do with my problem

Are all your drivers updated?
-Video card is, I dunno what else

What in-game video mode are you using?
-1024x768, OpenGL, 32bit Color.

If you have an error message, what is the exact error message?
-The instruction at "0x0a7cd392" referenced memory at "0x096cf898". The memory could not be "read".

So yeah... I don't think you can help out much, you'd prolly tell me to reinstall... o_o but yeah.. see if you can help out a bit =) thanks

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