1. dusty122

    vegeta crash

    hello. when ever i go or try to go majin with vegeta as soon it completes the transformation....he dies and it freezes at respawn and crashes. anyhelp? dusty
  2. S

    Cashe_Tryalloc crash on HLDS

    I have a slight problem and I need a little help here. I installed ESF 1.2.3 with big pack 8.4 on my steam account and it's working fine, minus a few missing sound files. But I wanted to play with some friends and since I can't seem to get anyone to join my listenserver, I copied the esf...
  3. 2

    Crash by fatal error while adding bot

    I got crash by fatal error while adding bot no matter I add bot in game or before game when the bot came out , it just crash..... ---------- Double Post below was added at - 10:59 AM has been merged with this post created - 10:26 AM at ---------- oop.....I see... I just saw the topic...
  4. P


    I crash to desktop when I try to run a game on a lan. Are there any servers? I couldn't find any.
  5. F

    Server crash problem

    Hello i have an dedicated server esf/ecx i got like 2 problems one with big pack v8.4 hunk_tryalloc:greater then hunk but i give up on this one and i deleted big pack now only esf/ecx but i got an other problem now: com_loadfile:not enough space for model/ecx.goku-ts.mdl server is shuting down...
  6. K


    Hi, I've got problem with creating ESF 1.2.3 Server (with and without bots), After I'm starting game, there is a loading screen for few seconds and after that i get crash to Windows. What should I do? Also i dont see any ESF servers in browser.
  7. E

    Weird crash

    I installed ESF and tried to play but after a few seconds, it crashes to desktop. If I try to create a server as soon as I open the game, it loads the first bar and stops at "Estabilishing..." returning to the main menu screen. I'm using a Intel GMA 950, is there some kind of incompatibility? I...
  8. T

    crash problem with Half life

    Ok well i installed Cs16 v35 digital zone.. and then i installed esfb123.. And i played spawned bots,etc.. and then i felt like installing the exc and bigpack 8.4.. so then i installed them both.. got on.. played around as i was playing about to go ssj4.. on goku the dragon came,etc, and i...
  9. Brutalis1991

    Multiple crash problems

    I have just bought Half-life 1 on my steam account after seeing this on the mods section on steam shop........this looked really awesome, so i have been playing it.... I really enjoy it so far, but I either cannot connect to a server sometimes because ill have an error pop up saying something...
  10. M

    Server Crash

    I'm using Steam version 1.2.3 with ECX RC2 but im not using big pack. I like hosting but my server crashes a lot. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it didnt help, any ideas?
  11. H

    Crash when Adding Bot

    hey guys... everytime when i try to add a bot, my Game crashes down with an error message. I need help. I want to play the openbeta final version. Greets, hereticus Ps: Sorry for bad English, i'm from Germany ;)
  12. E

    Crash whenever Powerup???

    when i download esf open beta , i play and it throw me out without erros or whatever.. Then i down 1.2.3 version and i can get through it. But the real problem is.... Whenever i press button E to powerup , the game crashes, i try changin' the key but still no hopes:( Can anyone tell me the...
  13. I

    Message_end, Looping sound, and Crash.

    This keeps happening me everytime I make my own server. =\ k so it also happens when I add a bot in-game.
  14. G

    Message_end, Looping sound, and Crash.

    This keeps happening me everytime I make my own server. =\ k so it also happens when I add a bot in-game.
  15. S

    Dedicated Server Crash

    Hello all, I am the owner of Hostile Contact Game Servers. I have a customer that wants to run esf on his server. I downloaded the esf Mod and installed it, no problem. The issue is the game server crashes about every 10 to 15 minutes. This is running on a dual quad core system with...
  16. E

    ESF v1.2.3 Protocol Crash

    Whenever I connect to a server, I instantly disconnect with the error of having the incorrect game protocol ("48" instead of "47"). It's my understanding that this was very common with the previous Steam Update a few months ago which almost killed the entire mod community single-handedly, but I...
  17. Kaination

    DJ AM + Travis Barker Critically Injured from Plane Crash

  18. SS4 Gogeta

    Promising young Canuck killed in crash I was really starting to like the way he was starting to play. R.I.P Luc Bourdon, my thoughts go out to his family and friends
  19. Thunder67467

    Crash Problems?

    Okay, I dont know if this happens...and i've downloaded this game from It says its from 9/9/07. So I dont know if this one I downloaded is the MOST recent, and if it is. My problem lies in with, I load the for about 10-15 mins with bots...Have my Graphics and everything as...
  20. L

    How can I crash Winamp?

    I usually have a main playlist that I edit and listen to all the time, unfortunate I tend not to save them since they usually change. These playlists usually have a thousand or so tracks in them, so sometimes I accidentally choose "Play in Winamp" instead of "Enqueue in Winamp" and that removes...
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