1. D

    I'm having a little crash

    Ok i don't have steam , first of all , and i sawed at FAQ that i need steam 2 play it , but...once i playd it and i didin't had steam;/(only on LAN), anyway... Now my problem , i instaled ESF , i tried 2 create a server (LAN) it loads and then , Don't send O_o
  2. M


    Ok I just download openbeta_xmasrelease2007.rar, and I was trying to connect, I reach to Preaching Ressources, and the game just closes down, no error. It happens when I try to join or creat a server. Can somone help me:confused::warning:
  3. liad

    ki blasts/blobs makes the game crash?

    okay i was playing with the latest update and on the map esf_budokai so i was shooting some ki blasts(with the right click if that matters ) anyway it seems that after shooting a certain number of ki blasts or dieing from a ki blob my game seems to get stuck for a second and then crash to...
  4. Shuyin

    3.18.2007 build crash

    Firing a couple of ki blobs into the ground/wall/ceiling that don't form a ki blob model causes the game to crash.
  5. Slofreak

    Lagging sound,total crash...

    when i had esf before a week it was runing great but i had some problems with connection and my files wer everywhere some of them had errors and some just being there for no reason so i decided to reinstall windows and make everything in order and i did and i didnt install anything just...
  6. S


    Hi, I have ESF 1.2.3 and Windows Home edition. It crash in a random way everytime when I play LAN (With BOTS). Just online it works. CYA nomeone help me please??
  7. D

    game crash bug

    if a mod sees this, close it please
  8. H

    1.3 crash? ;/

    When i want start server in lan game is loading...but when is a 100% and game is ready to shov join crash and back to menu...why;/? ..I have steam and esf 1.2.3 is work fine... What is going on why 1.3 is not work??? :(
  9. H

    Crash Problem

    I create my own server with a couple bots on each team. And I go to transform with Goku to SSJ2. And as soon as I do, my game crashes. This has happened every single time i have attempted to transform with Goku.
  10. Shuyin

    Disc Crash

    When you disc kidbuu, it will crash the server. This is reproduceable everytime. The error message is : Host_Error: no precache: models/bodyparts/kidbuu/ I was also trying this against Frieza, but instead the disc was going through him. o_O I'll see if this happens for anymore...
  11. mjam

    Server Crash bug.

    I was in a Power struggle and my Buddy was also in it i went to Change to my buddy to see what would happen and when i pressed the button and the Server crashed. EDIT Other buddy Related problems. When you change to guldo and die as him you can't change back even if his Red bar is full. IDK...
  12. D

    possible crash bug

    i couldnt recreate it but i believe its a crash bug that should be looked into i was playing on battle arena and i was preparing a kamehameha to struggle a spirit bomb, i was on the spawn building thats facing the sun i shot and at the same time i moved forward so that i slid off onto the...
  13. jjxxxjj

    startup crash !?!?!?!?!?!

    I start the game choose the map and clic create then it starts listin stuff in the console like normaly and then writes that some sound from sounds/weapons/mele/meleflash_(something) isnt a valid sound and I checked it out and it doesn't even exist but it continues after that and then writes as...
  14. D


    Alright. I was playing on my own little server to learn some of the new 1.3 crap. I turned to the ground with a charged up kamehameha, and held space, and released...BOOM, crash to desktop.
  15. Z

    hl games crash on "verifying resources" come here!

    if any half-life1 engline games such as esf crashes when u join games that require to download the map or anything and crashes at "Verifying resources" The main problem is Internet Explorer 7. if u downloaded that program usually it does that. to fix the problem download this...
  16. D

    Dedicated and listenserver crash

    hi i just started playing this game for about 3 days ago already had experience with setting up server for hl mods but maps crashes my server i dont know why some maps take longer for it to crash like esf_city and some takes a little while b4 like esf_cellgames (i think its called that) can...
  17. C

    Game Crash Bug

    Hello, when i first played ESF for the first 10-15 minutes everything was fine. Now it randomly crashes When someone uses a beam. This isnt the first time. Sorry if it was already covered or something. Im using a legit Copy Of HL and i would Very much like to play this game it doesnt...
  18. A

    crash bug in Half Life games

    I got weird bug in Half Life Anathylogy. LIke in blue shift. In start of game where you go to elvetor where 2 doctors wait. those 2 doctors just...well...explode whit no reason. And in opposing force i alweys get jammed to elvetor...dont remember the place where it was but kinda far from...
  19. Killface

    Call me crash for now on ;)

    Well, im sure some people are familiar with my 88' Yamaha Blaster that was in one of my pics i posted in the Pix thread. Well, this weekend I took it up north with my cousin this weekend in the trails for the first time ever. My cousin (who happens to be a 9 year old girl) and I were driving our...
  20. Smoke2Seven

    "Create Game" - Game Crash

    When ever I create my own game with bots and a friend or 2 join, My PC or Game just totaly Freeze's cant minimze or use task manager to get out of it. Any help with this? or do I need to use Dedicated Server to do this?