1. S

    i am using cracked steam

  2. Optimus Prime

    Fat Princess: TFC on crack.

    A game that PS3Fanboy describes as "Team Fortress meets Pikmin meets a high-carb diet," and that IGN has dubbed as "the result of some screwed up cloning project involving Animal Crossing, Strawberry Shortcake, and Warhawk," with 32 player online matches, this game could be hilariously epic...
  3. Z

    3ds max 8 crack and 3dsmax 8

    ok im not asking for the crack lets get that out of the way ok ^^. now seeing this consearns modeling i would like to know, is there actualy a crack availeble for 3ds max 8 or did they finaly made an uncrackeble version ^^. and what do you like about 3dsmax 8 the most? or what intriges...
  4. Chakra-X

    Crack Pot Theories

    I sometimes like to be sketical of things..Like why doesn't Canada do anything, why Kerry concidied, ect ect... So, Someone names something like "why do we pay taxes" and the next person has to make the most ridiculous reason they can think of. Why is the sky blue?
  5. Hash

    2nd crack at a wallpaper

    Well I fired up photoshop today, and tried making a wallpaper once again. I know it sorta looks like my last one (If anyone remembers it), but i'm not used to making things so big, and I find it hard to fill up all the space. Anyways, enough blabbering, any critz and comments are appreciated...
  6. dudeman

    about that vice city crack

    i see that post was closed because its warez.. allow me to point out that no-cd fixed EXE's are NOT warez, you are allowed to have em as long as you own a legal copy of the original game. off course, we all know what people really use em for, but its not nessesari to close the threads on...
  7. tekhsheen

    gta: vicity no-cd crack

    :confused: Does anyone have gta: vicity no-cd crack? if you do, plz sed it to me at [email protected] :scared: :devgrin: *Removed just so nobody can send him any ;)* ~ ShAdOw
  8. Pain

    sword crack

    next version when trunks has his sword. if he attacks someone that is significantly higher than him while they are blocking his sword should crack or something and he cant use it again till he dies, or a certain amount of time. this wouldnt really serve a purpose but his sword broke on 18's...
  9. V

    Milkshape ? Why this error !

    PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE !!!!!!:p Ok it goes like this... I decompile the HL model.(ESF) Then i import the .smd file i edit it because i want to pump up the body a bit and then when i try to save the .smd file he is wanking with some vertex bone errorO_O WTF ?! Even when i dont edit the model...
  10. A

    Pikkon Model (High Quality)

    Hey Guys, We are making a high quality Pikkon model, so far we have done the head but we're looking for someone who can do the body. If anyone want's to try and help us... please let us know by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] Greets, MaxX, Scarecrow, Snake & Amaru...
  11. Pommy


    my friend daniel warped
  12. B

    check out dis

    check out dis
  13. B0Bmaster40000

    Reference Material

    where do you guys find your reference material for making models? ie pics and screenshots of characters. cause all i can find are crappy, small, or obscure angle pictures.
  14. RedSaiya

    Photoshop help

    Someone can help me in photoshop?? i need the plug-in//filter ;; photospray in <b>FREE</> someone know from where can i download it??
  15. G

    okies.. well can i get some help?

    Well im new right to mapping, and well i havent made a full on map, ive got an idea bout one, but if prefabs are like rippen off ppls fair enough. if I used someone elses though, id give em credit, but yeah i guess i'll have a crack at maken one. Well at least, do yous have a pic or...
  16. S

    alright, this is just mean ... [LOL!!!] man, when i saw this, i started to crack up. i duno why, but i think i have a sick sence of humor... check it out, maybe you will or will not like it lol
  17. P

    MY Brolly picture.....

    Here is a picture I drew... Inspired by Carl.
  18. Logan4434


    Could someone please reskin Fatmanterrors vegitto or make a new one.(preferably raven blade or AzN)no offence to fatmanterror(he's a friend)but the detail kinda well sucks on the one out now so please someone reskin or make a new one.thank you.:cry: :D :cry:
  19. E


    okay check dis ideA out u guys ever seen the brolli movie? well you should make a desterted city like they ya i know they have a city map but if u could make like the building break and crack and fall apart and **** so when ur meeled into it u dont just bounce of like u would in the other lvls...