1. Ness

    Control the beast within

    My latest sig: what dya think? pictures taken from my current sig, so fourth and so on, im trying to expand my digiart so im trying new styles. Expect loads of new threads for artworks ive done and gained exp. from previous artworks. I need advice and stuff!! Oh yeh.... and btw i need...
  2. ssj_perfect

    Spirt Bomb Control

    I reckon That U should Be Able To Control Spirt Bomb After Lanuch i mean goku controled spirt bomb on kidd buu in ssj and i reckon sprit bomb shlould also be controled in a power strugle . what do u think ?
  3. E

    Mind control now this **** is wierd.....
  4. T

    Game control

    What are the game controls? if so tell me in details plz
  5. L

    ESF to Steam Control problems

    Yes, i have transfered my ESF to steam, but theres one problem... There are noc cant do anything, you cant control. I went to options and went to controls/keyboard, and there is nothing there...(damn you steam)I clicked restore defaults, and still, nothing! For the few other people...
  6. TwisteR

    Small spirit bomb control

    You know how all beams are comtroled right? well how about making the small spirit bomb like that. Being able to change the direction of the small spirit bomg is very possible, yamcha dd it and im sure goku did it sometime in dbz. The regular spirit bomg (the big one) shouldnt have this...
  7. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] Cloud (For Trunks)

    I edited the Cloud model recently released to give him a normal form. Who do I ask for permission...ehh...crap I think I'm late on that one ~_~ damn I'm new to this, anyways I won't release it w/o permission & creds. This edit was extremely simple but I thought it was needed. <center>CREDITS...
  8. M

    help with milkshape!!!!!!!

    when ive have reskinned a model and it is done when i wants to compile my modelwhen it commes to ref_control_bodypart it stops and then milkshape is going dead whyy i need help i was sopussed to release that model reskin !!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. D


  10. L


    nc_riverside like esf_riverside where it has the river going down the middle off the map and has mountain things around it. has waterfall and stuff... Screen shots,
  11. V

    Pro please read

    Hey do you have aim, icq, or Yahoo messanger, I wanted to know so I could talk to you about a model that I have been working on, I really need help with it, when I open it in the model viewer and in game his legs look like they are being inverted and I wanted to show it to you.
  12. Pain

    siezed control

    ok so i made a server and i was fighting some bots, when some guy joins. now thats normal enough but then i see on the screen "Pain changed name to pain is a ****". now i damn well know that i didnt do that, and there was only one other guy in the server. i dont have admin mod. so i assume...
  13. sexyasian86

    Request: King Kai

    i was wondering, with all this kai stuff happening in the other threads if anyone can make a King Kai model/skin teehehe ^_^ sounds like it could be fun, right? :D just a random request. peace outs:idea:
  14. CyroTek

    help with an animation

    well i reanimate the final flash, but how long I the animation make it doesn´t matter,it always ends at the same point, any ideas how to fix it??
  15. A

    Competition Idea

    Eh i was thinking lets have a MS Paint competition.... . Anything DragonBall Z . Only MS Paint Well?? What u think?? :rolleyes:
  16. K

    volume control for esf mo3 player

    hey yo, some of the sounds are louder than others, and if u have music u want to listen to its hard when your powering up, or turbo, and its even worse if the music is soft. For beta 1.1, or when ever possible. and you chuck a volume control for the esf mp3 player. ta
  17. M

    Default control problems

    Im using my default control and yet i cant seem to either attck with my melee attacks and how do you transform whats the button. is there some patch that can change this since this is really annoying i cant seem to find out the problem
  18. -Dark Shadow-

    how do you make your model a mdl file?

    i have milkshape and have made models and want to test it but i don't know how to turn it into a mdl file anyone PLEASE help!
  19. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape help needed

    If I try to compile my -qc file this appears: ************ ERROR ************ \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Trunks\model\/./reference.smd doesn't exist And if I try to export a smd this appears: Found group with no material! Model not exported! And if I use this one quake tool...
  20. F

    Taking two requests

    Yup, I'll take two image requests right now....just no 3d as I do not currently have 3dsmax on my computer and will not for another week. ...Don't just say "I want an image.", list some specification, but try not to be too picky. Why the hell would someone make a 2 minute flood...