1. Mr. Satans


    This Thread Is NOT Just About Songs For The Map -- PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST Currently I Am Working On Editing My DMZ_NeoTournament ( ) Maps For Use On ESF (Due To All The Compliments I Have Had On It). Which means resizing n stuff. I also plan to...
  2. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape questions

    I got a problem. I tryed to compile my model (qc file) and then this appears: \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Freezer\frieza\/./reference.smd doesn't exist What is too do ?
  3. Z

    admin control

    you choud make an admin control pannel for the person who is hosting a game, so he can kick sombody or change the map alter the gametype --> switching from deathmatch to find the dbs to set up a voting menu. to alter time, to restart te round and alot of other stuff.
  4. N

    Idea for better beam control

    Well i notice that the beam kinda extends a bit far from your character (that was probably done so you won't hit yourself, or so there would be a point to blowing them up before hand). Also i noticed that you can't move while using the beams, so that would mean the directional keys are free for...
  5. G


    ok hi i am new to the forum, but anyways will we be able to fuse with others, that would be so cool man. O and can you power down from ssj then power back up in to some time after you power down from it, please do get made at me.
  6. S

    testing sig 8-S

  7. Naz

    control question

    So how many controls are u going to use? -forward (guess so :P ) -Backward (same as above) -left/right (again) -powerup..? -transform>? -jump>? -turbo>? -warp -fly -duck? -fire -secondary fire? -block -are u going to have the abbility to fight with ur hands always? even when u...
  8. Guru_San

    New Fusions!

    Here are some new fusion pics, I no they r arnt real b4 i get flamed just thought i should share Fooler (lol) I like this one odd... ...?