1. Mr. Satans

    [PLUGIN] Bounce Mod Control

    This is a just a simple plugin that allows any admin easy control over the Bounce Plugin (core | Raven). Also, it allows anyone to check whether the bouncing is on or off! [ADMIN] amx_bm 0/1 [EVERYONE] say /bmod Download HERE
  2. C

    Ki Control and swoop

    Well, i dont like the ki consumption in esf because it drains ure energy like hell what i suggest is to get 1 bar more . stamina bar or something almost evry dbz game has it. flying will get away ure stamina but not to fast because u they say in the show that its almost energy less ( heard at...
  3. P

    Need help on contet control?

    i Need help on contet control it says i need a password but i didnt put a password on it ;(
  4. S

    ki control attacks - revised

    I suggested this with another melee idea but i didnt get any replies... so ive revised this idea, hopefully its better now >_>. Generic ki control attacks could be implemented imo, they are ranged attacks, trunks is getting his fame thrower imo that would be his secondary close range attack...
  5. S

    Melee and Ki control attack

    Im gonna make this sorta quick okey... I suggested sumthing along these lines before, when you simple melee someone or knock someone away in advance melee, we remove the 2 hit cap and slightly speed up knockback. However we give the player a chance to block while he's been hit (in knockback...
  6. D

    transformation control

    i think you should have to hold the z button to transform instead of just tapping it you know then it would feel more like YOUR transing instead of just the model simple enough right?
  7. Ravendust

    More Air Control

    Right now you can jump pretty high, but not very far. It seems that the speed at which you can ascend/decend (moving along a Y axis, not transforming) greatly outstrips the speed you can move forward. In the show they did bound around quite a lot so I say give the players more air control over...
  8. RavenTrunks

    Beam control Camera views

    I thought of 2 new ways you can get a good view of controlling beams. I was thinking of a different way to aim a beam and thought of the Redeemer in 'Unreal Tournament'. how that works is when u fire the rocket, the camera goes in the rocket and u steer it with the mouse. i was thinking this...
  9. Ravendust

    Block Control

    ATM when you block an attack it goes off in some random direction, but i'd like to see a sort of control over the direction so you don't swat a kamehameha into one of your teammates. Currently when you block you are rooted to the spot and the direction keys (WASD in most cases) become...
  10. Z

    Volume control freezes ESF

    I can control my volume through my keyboard, by two buttons. But if I press them while playing ESF, it freezes the game. Why, and how do I fix this?
  11. G

    Important Question about Remote Control

    okay i try to discribe my problem and i hope that someonecan help me..... i want to make a remote desktop connection between 2 pcs from windows XP to windows 2000 and i dont know what i have to do in windows 2k that it worx i hope that somebody can help me
  12. C

    Quick Question regarding what AMX Plugins Can Control

    Before I start researching and learning and yadda yadda yadda, can an AMX or Adminmod plugin change, say... Advanced melee? <_< >_>
  13. Yazuken

    Frieza's disc need more control.

    I dont think the game gives you enough control over frieza's disc. When you try to direct the things they bearly move. Also, It would be cool if you could make the disc move backwards without having it come all the way to you. Like once you make it come back, its stuck coming back to you, and...
  14. E

    DBZ Fan-Fic: Control - Completed

    Wow, seems like everyones writing something now and I gotta say I'm really impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I've been inspired to resurrect something thats been gathering dust for a while now. In this fic I'm going to try and answer a couple of questions that DBZ never answered; namely why...
  15. I

    GUN CONTROL - I need some help for an assignment

    hello... I know this is completley random, lol but I'm doing a class debate... tomorrow and I don't have ANYTHING on pro's for gun control. I just need to be able to engage in open debate on why gun control is a good thing for about 4 minutes, so if anyone could give me a few reasonale...
  16. V

    Nature Lost Control

    see what you want to see... i'm proud on took me hours.. btw : its my second wallpaper :smile: i love roses Picture : Greetz Vales
  17. X

    Content Control Password

    wat is the content control password?
  18. T

    What the hell is Control Script?

    When I try to export my model to mdl file it says "Warning: no control script found"! what is control script?
  19. R

    Beam control without turning

    Basically, a button that you can hold down when you shoot a beam that keeps you facing one direction, so you don't have to turn your entire body to turn the beam around. That way, if you are aiming at someone, but go a bit past them, you don't have to look the other way and not have the ability...
  20. GalduR

    Control Configuration

    :) Hi guyz! I just began playing a couple of days ago, and this is THE DBZ game!! Im trying to be the best warrior, but there is so much elite out there.. :laff: I have read all the help stuff in the forums and in the web, but i haven't seen anywhere about custom control configurations. I...