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Dec 24, 2002
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I'm having a bit of issued with a shared internet connection at my parents house using Windows XP default software. Basically we've got three computer, one in my room, one in my brothers room, and one in the living room all connected by a hub. The computer in the living room is the one that dials into the ISP. My brother has no issues browsing the web and whatnot, but I'm getting some funky issues with mine. Like for one, AOL instant messenger will connect but any webpages I try to open will time out, as will MSN Messenger. And when the webpages are timing out, I can open up the command prompt to ping whatever webpage I couldn't bring up and the webpage pongs back just fine.

To add a bit more wierdness, I found out that I could browse the web just fine if I were to type the URL into the address bar and impatiently click "Go" again and again until the page loads. It's almost as if I have to "request" it a few times before it actually downloads the webpage instead of it just timing out after one time.

So I guess my question is, has anybody experienced this before and found a way to fix it? I've run the network wizard that Windows XP comes with in a vain attempt to fix it since that's worked in the past, but there is no go this time.

Edit: Took care of it. If any of you pass by this thread and feel bad that I got no replies, remember I feel good I fingerd it out on my own.

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