1. T

    So....I'm a bit confused

    Well, I played ESF back in 2000 (freshmen year in high school) just googled it again and found ppl still play it. Problem is only 10 servers or so show up, and there is never ppl in them... Am I doing something wrong? Also I see you're working on a Source engine version. Any release date for...
  2. Syed Noman

    How about giving Tutorial of how to make esforces maps to fans

    hi guyz, this is my second suggestion how about teaching the Fans the Tutorial of how to make maps for esforces:confused: in this way esforces can get fan work and also the mapping work will be reduce from the esforces team :) and also fans can show their love for esforces.:love: in this way we...
  3. R


    Firstly, I can't get enough of ESF or at least v1.2.3. I downloaded the open beta 1.3 in the hopes of enjoying it more, until i hit the steam snag. I bought my half life 1 online but its an old version, still uses valve. I don't know what to do now, do I buy half life 2(does ESF 1.3 even...
  4. D

    I am confused about the versions...

    Something that has been bugging more for ages and I hope to clear it up once and for all... In the files section, there are two different ESFs, the 1.2.3 one and the final beta one. WHICH ONE is the latest one? Or atleast which one is the one everyone is playing? I'm under the impression...
  5. R


    hey ive down loaded / installed half life 2 and ive down load esf but i cant instal it is there anything i need like a program or somthing little confused cheers
  6. shadowfox

    Im confused...=( Help please.

    I just downloaded the v1.3 file and it's not working. I know its something I'm doing wrong though lol. Just don't know what. It doesn't show up on the "My Games" list on steam either. Nor can I find the exe file to run the game. Previously I have ESF:ECX RC2 downloaded and with the Big...
  7. SS4_n00b

    Im very confused!

    alright, the only thing I've figured out is that this is definitely the site to find out about the dbz mod for half life. i need to new more! do i need to buy the game half life 1 for this mod? what is 'steam'? how do i get 'steam'? does this stuff work on vista home premium? sorry for...
  8. R

    Very Confused

    I am new to HL, and being so I am very new to HL Mods... How do I get version 1.3? and also where do I install it to in order to get it to work? Also would like to ask where do I install all the patches too?
  9. M

    please someone help im so confused

    right this is my problem, ive had bsf 1.2.3 for ages and now the new patch has come out ive downloaded it. i downloaded it to the right file but there was no sort of option to actually run it, i can only run 1.2.3. I honestly dont know what the hell is going on and i cant figure it out ive...
  10. Ready2GoXtr

    Confused :O

    why is it that it took hackers to steal the 1.3 beta for them to finally release a sample of esf 1.3 :O The dev team hates us all.. oh noes
  11. L


    i'm really confused on how do we play this game some people say you need half-life some say you don't need it and they say u need steam and they say you don't need it so can someone show me how to play this game like give me a guide or just tell me what i need to play and how to make it work...
  12. D

    confused plz help

    i want to download esf but i unno where plz email me at [email][email protected] if u can help me plz im waiting
  13. mr Max

    MAPS im confused. Need help fast

    O_o hOW DO I DOWNLOAD AND USE MAPS? The full process plz.
  14. Uno8


    Ok i Bought the Half Life 2 Pack... can i still ESF even thought i got the first one?? cause it wont let me install it i get to the screen adn it wont let me install :cry:
  15. M

    Im confused

    hi im new here and i want ESF but i dont know whats new 1, is it 1.2.3 on the site or is it 2.0 alpha on the ESF worls can somoen tell me the way sorry if im n00b
  16. C


    How do u intall maps and models u download cause i dl this model pack but dont noe how to get it into the game
  17. B

    I am really confused

    Ok. I just downloaded this model pack from esf-world, but some of the models are for 2nd and 3rd transformations!! How the hell do i use those models if i can only transform once!!?? I ran the program and now when i play the game the models show up, but only for the normal state and transformed...
  18. D

    im confused

    i dont get it i cant play it ive downloaded it and it wont allow me to install it for some reason its annoying if someone can help me plz post
  19. D

    I am so confused!

    I am freaking confused! I got the full instal that said it had it all. I downloaded maps/models and I put them in files but they dont work, the evm thing dont work,maps dont work,and the models dont work! From what I read on forums and descripts to maps/models and stuff it sounds like u can go...
  20. W

    I'm Confused...

    Ok... This may be a completely idiotic question; but, does ESF work with Half Life 2?? ORRR, is it strictly for Half Life One... because, if it works for half life 2, i cant install it. ive tried running hl2 through steam... nothing... i get to the screen that says install, and i cant click it...