I am so confused!

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Jun 25, 2005
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I am freaking confused! I got the full instal that said it had it all. I downloaded maps/models and I put them in files but they dont work, the evm thing dont work,maps dont work,and the models dont work! From what I read on forums and descripts to maps/models and stuff it sounds like u can go above ur 2nd from on ESF, I am not able to, I do not know if I have the wrong version, I realy hope someone can answer my problem

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Nov 21, 2003
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Well firstly there is a "edit" button so no nead to dublepost.

Secondly CTDB works its just that the maps dont suport it. THe maps nead to suport dragonballs or else CTDB = Team deathmach.

and about the first thing. basicly you said nothing works. So how about giving me some more info.

1.) Wich ESF version.
2.) where do you put the maps/models
3.) when you downloaded the files did you even extract them

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