1. V

    Earth special forces 1.3 beta is it compatible with rc2 and big pack 8.4?

    can i use it with these 2 mods? (if not are there some mods for it?) is it stable? thanks for your answers.
  2. tuty

    ESF Special Attacks Compatible with AMXX 1.8.*and PL Changer!!!!

    :paper: Okay, I wrote my LAST Amxx Code for ESF 1.2.3! I work a lot on this code, possible bugs remain but i think aren't -_- A key is autobinded for .ESFSpecialAttack and this key is '/' but you can remove it in code with other key! If you want more details about using attacks press HELP...
  3. SG_SSJ!

    ESF Compatible with CS!

    Guys can you make esf compatible with CS? Because i don't have half life!
  4. B

    ESF on HLF: S ?

    I'm sure this questions been asked before--sorry. but does ESF work for Half-Life: Source?
  5. F

    ESF compatible with HL1 Source?

    As the title says: Is Earth's Special Forces compatible with HL1 Source? I was just wondering, because i like this mod a lot and I would want to play it with some of my friends but the only have Half - Life 1 Source and i'm not sure if it will work?
  6. I

    3dsmax + vista = compatible?

    is 3dsmax 8 or 9 Vista compatible..? how come it doen't work.. i have vista ultimate.. 512 ram.. 160 gb hard drive.. geforce4 graphics card.. an amd athlon 3000+
  7. bobmundo123

    3dsmax + vista = compatible?

    is 3dsmax 8 or 9 Vista compatible..? how come it doen't work.. i have vista ultimate.. 512 ram.. 160 gb hard drive.. geforce4 graphics card.. an amd athlon 3000+
  8. M

    Making 1.3 Custom Models compatible with ECX

    Is this possible? I substituted Amor trunks from that thread into the folder, it works but the skeleton animations are all jibber jabbled
  9. N

    THE ESF skeleton max 6 compatible

    Hello im wondering if anyone has the esf skeleton in max 6 format, so i can rig a copule of chars for esf. I realy need it in max 6 format. I will realy aprreciate help. If some one has it plz send me a pm or leave a post here. And dunno if this question was asked and anwsered before, so sry...
  10. R


    Earth's Special Forces It is compatible to Half-Life 2??
  11. KilledWithStyle

    ESF compatible with http and URL MOTDs

    Would it be possible for you guys to make ESF compatible with the http and URL MOTDs that mods like CS and DOD have. I would really like to put something better thant the static text MOTDs that we can only use right now. For those who dont run servers, a MOTD is short for Message Of...
  12. harSens

    glibc 2.2.5 compatible Linux server library

    After some requests, I compiled a glibc 2.2.x compatible version of the beta 1.2.1 linux dll. It can be found at: put this file in the linuxdlls dir, after installing the normal 1.2.1 patch. This file will be put into the...
  13. gpas

    1.2 won compatible with steam?

    if i download thw won vershion instead of downloading the steam vershion is it possible it get something like the esf steam pack and use that on steam im a humble 56k user and cant really handle 2 100meg+ downloads
  14. @lv/n

    Will EVM an EEA be compatible with ESF 1.2?

    Hi! I'm wondering if you ppl know if EVM and EEA will be compatible with ESF1.2 and by the way if ESFBot 3.1 will be compatible with ESF1.2 ;) Hope you can help me.........
  15. Sunslayer

    ESF 1.2 WILL be compatible for WON!!!

    The maps will be compatible, and it will install on WON! Now for god's sakes stop asking these stupid questions already!!!
  16. I

    half-life compatible

    hey i use to play this game in 2002 and i lost my c strike cd and i was playin a dbz mod for a dif game and i remembered the best dbz mod i had ever played this one of course but anyways i was wondering would you be able to use this as a mod for half life or does it have to be counter strike
  17. N

    would this work?

    if I tried to put an esf skin on a diffrent mod would it work? oh,,, i tried it and it dosen't so ya close
  18. S

    Metamod finally came out with a compatible version!

    When I was looking for metamod plugins at their website, , I found out they released a new version, v1.16.1. It says it is compatible with ESF 1.1. Now I'm guessing I should replace the metamod.dll for the new metamod?
  19. N

    Gotenks skin

    hey just wonderin if theres a gotenks skin anywhere or if hes in the next esf cause he is my FAVORITE! character... plz tell me if you know a site :] ;D
  20. N

    Finding models for adult Gohan

    Can some1 send me some adult Gohan's models? All I download from redsaiyan don't work properly,some tweak when shoot ,some bow-backed when fly_idle. LOL THX